Gallagher Lake & Vaseux Lake

A liquid waste managment plan (LWMP) has been initiated for the areas of Gallagher Lake, east Vaseux Lake, south Vaseux Lake and the properties in between.

The Gallagher Lake area can be characterized as a tourist oriented community as there are a large number of camp sites and recreational amenities near a small lake. The area is about 54 hectares in size and consists of approximately 136 mobile homes, 90 campsites, 10 single family homes and a few industrial and commercial buildings. A Waste Management Plan (WMP) undertaken in 1987 - 88 presented options for providing sanitary sewage service and treatment to this area. Four different servicing scenarios were considered with estimated lifecycle and capital cost included for each. The LWMP amendment will revisit the past options and include new scenarios.

The Vaseux Lake area will also be included within the LWMP amendment. Vaseux Lake is a popular destination for adventurers and wildlife viewers and in recent years there has been increasing concern over population from septic systems along the shore. With the new treatment plant in the south part of Okanagan Falls soon to be operational (2012), additional opportunities for sewering areas further to the south exist, such as residents along Vaseux Lake.

Gallagher Lake



South Vaseux Lake



East Vaseux Lake

 A Wastewater Advisory Committee (WAC) has been formed and met for the first time on March 16, 2011 at 7:00 PM at the Oliver Community Centre. The minutes produced from all the meetings will be posted for information.

AECOM's presentation on June 22, 2011 committee meeting.

Minutes of WAC - June 22, 2011 Meeting

AECOM's presentation on March 16, 2011 committee meeting.

Minutes of WAC - March 16, 2011 Meeting

Previous reports completed on these areas include:

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