Goose Management Program


Okanagan Valley Goose Management Program (OVGMP)

Like so many communities in southern BC, the Okanagan Valley struggles with management of non-migratory Canada Geese. It is important to stress that the nesting birds targeted in this program are not native to the region. These are hybrid offspring of several different subspecies of Canada Geese introduced into the Okanagan in the 1960’s and ‘70’s.  Young Canada geese and eggs from elsewhere in Canada and the US were translocated here to encourage the creation of an Okanagan goose population.

What was not foreseen or considered was the inability of these geese to migrate because they had no parents or natural triggers to guide them, and their ability to adapt and thrive in the mild Okanagan climate. The consequences have been a steadily growing population with few natural controls and a need to manage this population; before water quality and distribution systems were affected and beaches rendered inhospitable. 

Egg addling involves shaking eggs or coating them with non-toxic biodegradable food-grade corn oil within 14 days of incubation to make them non-viable. Once addled, eggs are returned to the nest. Geese continue to incubate until they realize the eggs will not hatch. By then it is generally too late in the year to produce more eggs. Adults are not harmed and will continue with their regular life cycle.

Summary of Canada Goose Management Program: Egg Addling and Population Survey - 

2023 Summary

2022 Summary

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2020 Summary

Key to the success of the program is finding new nests. The public is asked to report lone geese, pairs of geese, or nest locations on private or public land by emailing or calling 1-877-943-3209.

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