Regional Water

The Regional District adopted a District-wide Regional Water Use Regulation Bylaw and Regional Water Conservation Strategy specific for the Okanagan-Similkameen. The cross connection control bylaw was presented to the board in early 2021. The implementation of this bylaw will complete the unification of water use standards across all electoral areas within the RDOS owned and operated water systems. These bylaws guide the regulation and use strategy for our precious resource of clean water. The focus of which is on water conservation/efficiency and sustainable water management, integration of extreme weather management recommendations (e.g. drought and flooding), inclusion of climate change and consistent interpretation of the appropriate regulations.

RDOS Bylaw No. 2851, 2020 - Cross Connection Control

RDOS Bylaw No. 2824, 2019 - Regional Water Use Regulation Bylaw

RDOS Regional Water Conservation Strategy November 14, 2017

Cross Connection:
Cross connection control bylaw is set to be brought before the board in mid-2021. Cross connection control will help to protect our water systems from accidental contamination mainly caused by backflow from end-users. In the event of a loss of system pressure the resulting vacuum can siphon non-potable water back into the supply system. Cross connection control calls for the installation and annual testing of backflow prevention devices at all industrial, commercial, agricultural and institutional property connection points (water meter boxes) to prevent water from those properties returning to contaminate the system.


Overview of the Regional Water Use Regulation and Conservation Bylaw Project October 2017

Overview of the Cross Connection Control Bylaw October 2017 

Overview of the Regional Water Conservation Strategy