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The RDOS WildSafeBC Program aligns with the Provincial WildSafeBC Program goals and objectives. The programs share learning objectives and goals. The RDOS has developed additional activities and programming unique to the region as the RDOS is a year-round program whereas most WildSafeBC programs are seasonal from May to September. The RDOS year-round program allows for more school, curriculum, and youth group based learning.

The following resources are available to all teachers, youth leaders, and the public. In part due to the 2020/2021 COVID-19 pandemic, some programs were modified as in-room presentations were not promoted. These are now available for broad distribution and use throughout the region (or Province).

Activities and resources include age appropriate colouring sheets and word games, through to outdoor guided awareness exercises. There are PPT’s and video links for further exploration.

If this resource page is useful or helpful, please forward comments and photos showing the program materials in use, to the attention of the RDOS Community Coordinator via email: info@rdos.bc.ca

Gaps in program materials, or ideas for additional programming? Or, to book a presentation for your classroom, youth group, or home schooling, contact the RDOS Community Coordinator at the email above.

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