Growing Fruit? Pest Control

Growing Fruit? Pest Control

It is hard to beat the enjoyment of biting into a fresh, delicious, pest free delicious peach! The image of the Okanagan region is memorialized for its apples, peaches and tree fruits. More recently, it has become renowned for its wines, ciders and organic produce.


Noxious pests are insects or related pests that are capable of devastating fruit bearing trees and shrubs in both residential and commercial plantings. Noxious Pests often lack natural enemies and can quickly take over plantings from single fruit tree in a backyard to an entire commercial orchard. Once established in a residental planting, it can easily jump to a commercial orchard, devasting the crop and the livelihood of the growers.


Well maintained plantings are more resistant to pest infestations and produce higher quality fruit, without threatening commercial growers. The Noxious Pest Program has the goal to educate individuals that are considering planting a fruit bearing tree or shrub, or have a pre-existing planting, about their responsibility to care for and manage pests. Neglected trees can be reported here and will be required to be remedied in accordance to the Bylaw.


The RDOS provides property owners and residents a tool kit, best care and mainenance guides for fruit bearing plants.

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RDOS Bylaw No. 2711, 2015 

This bylaw (click link to see full bylaw) describes the responsibility of a fruit bearing tree or shrub to properly care for their fruit trees by preventing and controlling destructive insects or related pests. If the owner chooses to neglect this responsibility and a pest problem causes significant damage to the trees, plants, or associated crops, an inspector appointed by the Regional Board may enforce and carry out the provisions of the bylaw.

A noxious or destructive insect or related pest refers to an insect or related pest requiring control as recommended by the BC Ministry of Agriculuture and Agri-Food Canada or Okanagan Kootenay Sterile Insect Release Board and identified to be a specific threat to the Okanagan-Similkameen.

Bylaw Snippet

This bylaw regulates the prevention, removal and ongoing control of infestations by noxious and destructive insects, or related pests. This Bylaw should be understood if you have, or are considering planting a fruit bearing tree or shrub.





If you see an infestation that has the potential to affect your fruit crop, please fill out the conplaint form located here: Complaint Form.