Invasive Insects

Invasive insects are insect species that are introduced beyond their native range to regions that often have a lack of natural enemies. Methods of introduction are typically unintentional and human-driven. 

If the new habitat is suitable, the introduced insects are capable of vast expansion and rapid reproduction. One established, they can be extremely difficult to contain and manage. Many invasive insects are considered pests to agriculture, forests, rangelands, and native plants and animals. They compete for available space and food, and can directly attack native species, crops, or landscape plants. 

Control measures for invasive insects are not always available or can be very costly. Prevention and early detection is the first priority when dealing with these pests.

The ‘go to’ website for invasive insects in the Okanagan is Okanagan Invasive Species Online

A very easy to navigate site with plenty of information on what’s here and what to watch out for, report or inquire about.

Invasive Insects

invasive insects2

Photo Credit: B.C. Ministry of Agriculture

Invasive Insects

Okanagan Invasive Species Online (OISO) is a collaborative, valley-wide project that shares information about invasive species specific to the region. Learn about invasive insect species that threaten agriculture, forests, rangelands, and native plants and animals of the Okanagan-Similkameen.