Development Permit Offences


At its meeting of June 18, 2020, the Corporate Services Committee of the Board resolved to “instruct staff to bring forward options for bylaw amendments to allow for the ticketing of development permit infractions rather than pursue legislative changes through a resolution to UBCM.”

In response, it is being proposed to amend the Electoral Area Official Community Plan (OCP) Bylaws in order to introduce a new “Development Permit Offences” category under the Development Permit Areas section of each Plan that will read as follows:

  1. No person shall commence any development on lands within any development permit area without obtaining a valid development permit.
  2. The development of land in contravention of the terms or conditions of a development permit that has been issued under Section 489 of the Local Government Act is prohibited.

It is further being proposed to amend the Regional District's Bylaw Notice Enforcement (BNE) Bylaw No. 2507, 2010, in order to establish an offence of failing to comply with a condition of a development permit with the proposed penalty being $500, with an early payment option that would reduce the penalty to $450, and a late payment option that would result in a penalty of $550.  Finally, that a Compliance Agreement also be available.

Amendment Bylaw Status

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Draft OCP Amendment Bylaw No. 3006

(Version 2023-03-15) 


Draft Bylaw Notice Enforcement Amendment Bylaw No. 2507.19

(Version 2023-03-15) 


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OCP Amendment Bylaw No. 3006, 2023

BNE Amendment Bylaw No. 2507.19, 2023


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OCP Amendment Bylaw No. 3006, 2023

BNE Amendment Bylaw No. 2507.19, 2023


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