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On November 30, 2023, the provincial legislature adopted Bill 44 (Housing Statutes (Residential Development) Amendment Act, 2023), which amended the Local Government Act (the “Act”) in order to facilitate the delivery of “more small-scale, multi-unit housing for people, including townhomes, triplexes, and laneway homes, and fix outdated zoning rules to help build more homes faster.”

Under a new Section 481.3(7) of the Local Government Act, the Regional District “must consider applicable guidelines” made by the Minister (e.g. the SSMUH Policy Manual) when developing or adopting a zoning bylaw to permit the use and density of use required under to be permitted under the Act.

On December 7, 2023, the provincial government released the Provincial Policy Manual & Site Standards (the “Small-Scale, Multi-Unit Housing (SSMUH) Policy Manual”, or the “Manual”) as a resource to assist local governments with the implementation of zoning bylaw amendments required to comply with the changes to the Act.  The Manual includes recommended approaches to regulations governing building types, density, setbacks, building height, parcel coverage, vehicle parking requirements as well as the use of development permit area designations.  When considering these regulations, the province has advised that “creating a favourable regulatory environment for SSMUH housing to help overcome these barriers will require an openness to new building forms in areas traditionally reserved for detached single-family and duplex homes.”

On February 16, 2024, the provincial government announced the creation of a “time-based extension” wherein a local government could apply to have the deadline for SSMUH Compliance extended beyond June 30, 2024, under the following circumstances:

  1. The local government is in the process of upgrading infrastructure that services the specific area or specific lots for which the extension is being requested;
  2. The infrastructure that services the area where SSMUH would apply is such that compliance by June 30, 2024, is likely to increase a risk to health, public safety or the environment in that area; or
  3. Extraordinary circumstances exist that otherwise prevent compliance in relation to the area.

In response, the Regional District Board resolved to submit an “Application to Request an Extension to SSMUH Compliance Deadline” for the Faulder Community Water System Area in recognition of existing infrastructure concerns. 

In the event that the Province refuses the Regional District's request for an Extension to SSMUH Implementation in Faulder, the Electoral Area "F" Official Community Plan (OCP) Bylaw No. 2790, 2018, as well as Small Holdings Faulder (SH6) Zone that applies to this area will require amendment to ensure SSMUH Compliance.

Amendment Bylaw Status

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Draft Amendment Bylaws:

OCP Amendment Bylaw No. 2790.07

Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 2800.44

(version - 2024-06-04)


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Provincial Policy Manual (SSMUH)


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Bylaw Amendment 2790.07

Bylaw Amendment 2800.44




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