Kennedy Lake

Update - September 2020

A yearly review has been conducted to identify non-compliant lease lots at Kennedy Lake.
There are several structures which are still outstanding and require final inspection. Please contact Aaron Hough at 250-295-6685 or to schedule a final inspection. If you are unsure if you have obtained final approval please contact Building Services at 250-490-4205 or
You may be aware of the zoning requirements which have been imposed on the property. The numbers represent the number of seasonal cabins and recreational vehicles which were on the entire property at the time of rezoning (2016). For example, if you had 2 RV’s on your lease lot at the time of rezoning that number was accounted for. If the number of RV’s on your lease lot has increased (or if new lots have been created), those RV’s have not been accounted for. (link to zoning map).
The property owner has been notified that the number of RV’s far exceeds that which is permitted for the whole property pursuant to the zoning regulations. Accordingly, you may be notified of a requirement to reduce the number of RV’s on your lease lot by the property owner. In addition, no new RV lots should be created as this would increase the number of RV’s on the parent property.
Building permits will not be issued for any structures in the “blocks” where the number of seasonal cabins and/or RV’s is exceeded. Failure to obtain a building permit will result in a stop work order and fines being levied against the property owner and/or leaseholder.

Update - October 2019

A review has been conducted to identify the remaining non-compliant structures.  Leaseholders with outstanding requirements will be receiving notification via mail or email.  If you receive such a notification please contact Building Services at 250-490-4205 or 250-490-4123 or to determine what steps are necessary to resolve the issues pertaining to your lease lot. 

Update - November 30, 2018

You may be aware that the property owner has been working on reducing the number of recreational vehicles (RV’s) located throughout the property to bring it in alignment with the zoning bylaw that was approved on June 2, 2016. (Kennedy Lake Recreation Use Areas - Zoning Bylaw 2498 p.107)

The overall count of structures, including RV’s is substantially over what is allowed by zoning.  For this reason, a suspension was placed on issuing any building permits, until the number of RV’s had been reduced.

At this point, there are still many RV’s which must be removed, however, the numbers of have been reduced sufficiently enough to allow permit issuance for additions to existing structures or for new accessory structures.  No permits will be issued for new cabins or RV shelters until the numbers of RV’s have been reduced in full compliance with the zoning bylaw.

Note that any permit application MUST include an original Authorization to Build signed by the property owner.  Authorization to Build form

Update – August 18, 2017

The Kennedy Lake Comprehensive Development (CD6) Zone in the Electoral Area “H” Zoning Bylaw No. 2498, 2012 is limited to a specific number of seasonal cabins and recreational vehicles.  The CD6 Zone allows a maximum density of 201 “seasonal cabins” and 154 “recreational vehicles” (for a total of 355) on the property.  Recent site inspections completed by Regional District staff determined the total number of “seasonal cabins” and “recreational vehicles” to be in excess of 400.  The larger number of these are recreational vehicles – those with RV shelters, without RV shelters and stored RV’s.

The Regional District requires a reduction in the number of “seasonal cabins” and “recreational vehicles” occurring at 1916 Kennedy Lake Road to a number not exceeding 355 prior to issuing any further permits.

Accordingly, new building permits will be not issued for any seasonal cabins or structures associated with recreational vehicles (RV shelters).  Building permits may still be considered for accessory buildings (sheds, etc.)

An RFP (Request for Proposals) is currently being prepared to proceed with demolitions of non-compliant structures.  Non-compliant structures include structures which permits have expired, have had no inspections or recent inspections or have no permits at all.

Building Official Inspection Requests

If you require an inspection, please contact Building Official Aaron Hough in our Princeton office at 250-295-6685 or

Kennedy Lake Lease Lots Map

Documents / Links

Frequently Asked Questions can be found here.

RDOS Building Bylaw #2805 can be found here.

A link to Zoning Bylaw #2498 can be found here.



Interior Health Authority Information

Boil Water Notice has been placed on the Kennedy Lake Resort by the Interior Health Authority.


Guidelines on Privies (outhouse/pit toilet).