Strategic Projects

Multiple land use planning projects are usually underway at any given time within the Regional District. Browse through these project pages to learn more about current initiatives:

Okanagan Electoral Area Zoning Bylaw Consolidation

The Regional District is currently working on a project to create a single zoning bylaw for the South Okanagan Electoral Areas.  This would result in the replacement of the zoning bylaws for Electoral Areas "A", "C", "D", "E" & "F" with a new "South Okanagan Electoral Area Zoning Bylaw No. 2800".  The following projects are being pursued as part of the background work related to the drafting of Zoning Bylaw 2800:

Residential Zone Update

Metal Storage ("Shipping") Containing Zoning Regulation Review


Apex Mountain Zone Review (2020)

Micro Cannabis Production Facilities (2020)

Accessory Dwelling Review (2020)

Administrative and Institutional (AI) Zone Update (2020)

Update of Home Industry & Home Occupation Regulations and Cannabis Production Facilities (2019)

Tourist Commercial Zone Update (October 2018)

Commercial Zone Update (October 2018)

Naramata Town Centre Zone & Development Permit Area Update (September 2018)

Review of CT1 Zone - 7005 Indian Rock Road, Naramata ("Sunset Acres") (September 2018)

Small Holdings One (SH1) Zone Review - Electoral Areas "D-2" & "E" (July 2018)

Gallagher Lake Area Plan - Incorporation into Electoral Area "C" OCP Bylaw (July 2018)

Regal Ridge Site Specific Zone Review - Electoral Area "A" (June 2018)

Industrial Zone Update (April 2018)

Large Holdings Three (LH3) Zone Review - Electoral Area "D-2" (April 2018)

Retaining Wall Regulations and Building Height Definition Update (2017)

Update of Policies, Regulations & Mapping related to the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory (2017)

Update of Agricultural Zones and Regulations (2017)