Strategic Projects

Multiple land use planning projects are usually underway at any given time within the Regional District. Browse through these project pages to learn more about current initiatives:

Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) Bylaw Review

Official Community Plan Reviews

None currently

Completed Projects

Official Community Plan Bylaw Reviews:

Electoral Area "E" OCP Review (2024)

Electoral Area "G" OCP Project (2022)

Electoral Area "A" OCP Review (2021)

Electoral Area "F" OCP Review (2018)

Electoral Area "I" OCP Review (2016)

Electoral Area "D" OCP Review (2014)

Electoral Area "B" OCP Preparation (abandoned 2013)

Electoral Area "H" OCP & Zoning Bylaw Review (2013)

Other Projects:

Subdivision Servicing Bylaw Review (2024)

Review of Environmentally Sensitive Development Permit (ESDP) Areas (2024)

Review of Land Area Requirements for the Placement of Mobile Homes (2023)

Faulder Zoning Review (2023)

Development Permit Offences (2023)

Watercourse Development Permit Update - Processing Timelines (2023)

12-Month Review of the South Okanagan Zoning Bylaw No. 2800 (2023)

Soil Removal and Deposition Bylaw (2023)

Early Termination of Land Use Contracts (2014-2023)

Public Notice Bylaw (2022)

Metal Storage ("Shipping") Containing Zoning Regulation Review (2022)

"Mobile Vendor" Zone Review (2022)

Delegated Development Variance Permits (2022)

West Bench Geotechnical Review - Elecotoral Area "F" (2022)

Review of Industrial and Multi-Family Development Permit Triggers (2022)

Temporary Farm Labour Housing Review (2022)

Watercourse Development Permit (WDP) Area Update (2022)

Okanagan Valley Zoning Bylaw (2022)

Septic System Assessments (deferred indefintiely) 

Street Lighting Policy Review (2021)

OK Falls Town Centre Revitalization Plan (2018-2021)

Solar Energy Systems (2021)

Housing Needs Assessment Report (2021)

Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) Exclusion Application Policy Update (2021)

Wildifre Development Permit Area Project (2021)

Dock Regulation Review (2021)

Climate Action Projections for the Okanagan Region (2020)

Watercourse Development Permit (WDP) Area Update (2020)

Electoral Area Area "D" Hillside Development Permit Area Update (2019)

Creation of Electoral Area "I" & LGA Revisions Update (2018)

Electoral Area "G" Zoning Bylaw Update (2017)

Environmentally Sensitive Development Permit (ESDP) Update (2017)

Electoral Area "C" (Oliver) - Gallagher Lake Area Plan (2016)

Manufactured Home Zoning Update (2016)

Update of Commercial Zones in Electoral Area "D-2" (OK Falls / Upper Carmi) (2016)

Amendments to Agricultural Signage Provisions (abandoned 2015)

Electoral Area "D-2" Zoning Bylaw Housekeeping Amendment (2015)

Review of Bed & Breakfast and Vacation Rental Regulations (2014)

Electoral Area "A" (Osoyoos) Agriculture Area Plan (2014)

Biodiversity Conservation Strategy / "Keeping Nature in our Future" (2013)

Electoral Area "G" Agriculture Zone (abandoned 2012)

Electoral Area "C" (Oliver) Agricultural Area Plan (2011)

Sustainable Similkameen Project (2010)

Land Use Bylaw Repeal & Re-enactment Process (2008)

Skaha Lake Shoreline Study (2008)

Heritage Sites