Electoral Area "A"

Current Rezoning Proposals

Project No.ProponentAddressSummary
A2018.207-ZONE Steinar Johnsen 1750 Highway 3 To facilitate a 6-lot subdivision

Current Temporary Use Permit Applications

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Current Development Variance Permit Applications

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Current Board of Variance Applications

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Completed Rezoning Proposals

Project No.Zoning Bylaw No.OCP Bylaw No.AddressSummary
A2016.075-ZONE 2451.21, 2016 - 104th Avenue To facilitate a boundary adjustment.
A2018.006-ZONE 2451.22, 2018 - 2404 87th Street To allow a secondary suite on a parcel less than 2,020 m2 in area.
A2018.038-ZONE 2451.24, 2018 2450.13, 2018 17808 103rd Street To allow for the development of a winery.
A2018.076-ZONE 2451.25, 2018 - 8312 98th Avenue To allow for the placement of a mobile home (Z240).
A2018.148-ZONE 2451.26, 2018 - 2257 82nd Avenue To allow the subdivision of a new 4.0 ha parcel.
A2016.032-ZONE 2451.28 2450.15 9330 202nd Ave

To allow for an approximately 80 lot residential subdivision, conservation areas and public park

A2019.024-ZONE 2451.29, 2019 - 16435 87th Street To allow an accessory dwelling in the form of a mobile home (WITHDRAWN)
A2019.025-ZONE  2451.30, 2020  - 10210 81st Street To expand the building envelope on the subject property
A2021.003-ZONE   2451.31, 2021 2905.02, 2021   9330 202nd Avenue To facilitate a 70-lot subdivision, creation of a conservation area and dedication of parkland area
A2021.006-ZONE 2451.32, 2021 - 2257 82nd Avenue To permit a minimum lot size of 3.7 hectares for subdivision.
A2021.020-ZONE  2800.07    14805 89th Street  To allow for the construction of 10 agri-tourism accommodation units instead of five permitted on properties between 4.0 ha and 8.0 ha in size under the existing AG1 zoning.
A2022.017-ZONE  2800.22, 2022 2905.04, 2022   150 Peregrine Court  To formalize the existing residential use of a commercially zoned parcel.
A2022.011-ZONE  2800.16, 2022  8555 Road 22 To allow a site specific designation for 10 RV sites. (WITHDRAWN)
A2022.015-ZONE  2800.22 - 16963 Old Richter Pass Rezone from SH4 to SH3 to facilitate subdivision of the subject property into two 1.0 hectare parcels.

Completed Development Variance Permit Applications

Project No.ProponentAddressSummary
A2021.036-DVP Greg Mitchell  4003 37th Street  To allow for the construction of an addition (new bathroom) on the existing dwelling. 
A2021.044-DVP  Brian Gaudet   3304 52nd Avenue To vary the height of a retaining wall from 2.0 metres to 3.35 metres. 
A2022.001-DVP  David Jenkins 18320 Kingfisher Drive  To vary the minimum building width from 5 metres to 4.77 metres (WITHDRAWN).
A2022.018-DVP  Ronald Koch  2002 85th Street  To construct a swimming pool in the front setback
A2022.021-DVP  Andrew Philliskirk  16423 87th Street  To reduce the front parcel line set back from 7.5m to 1.5m in order to construct a single family dwelling. 
A2022.022-DVP Mailey  16427 87th Street  To reduce the required front parcel line setback from 7.5 metres to 3.7 metres; and
To reduce the required interior side parcel line setback from 1.5 metres to 1.3 metres. 
A2022.023-DVP Lisa & Todd Kunz  5411 31st Street To formalize an over-height retaining wall 
A2022.029-DVP Brian Wierks #1-8401 120th Ave. To reduce the rear parcel line setback 
A2022.034-DVP Amber Way 121 Wapiti Court  To reduce the required minimum building width from 5 metres to 4.27 metres. 
A2022.039-DVP Montanari et al

9508 148th Avenue

To allow an overheight retaining wall
A2022.040-DVP Guy Armstrong  8709 108th Ave 

To allow for the construction of an overheight detached garage.

A2023.009-DVP   William Hunt  19217 95th Street  To reduce the front setback

Completed Temporary Use Permits

Project No.ProponentAddressSummaryPermit Expiry
A2017.066-TUP Kuldeep Dhaliwal 9418 Highway 97, Osoyoos To allow for a mobile food truck July 6, 2020
A2019.007-TUP Chris Bower
(Osoyoos Indian Band)
7851 45th Street To allow for an outdoor storage and residential use. (INCOMPLETE)
A2019.010-TUP  Chris Tolley 3628 Highway 3 To allow for a vacation rental use December 31, 2022
A2019.011-TUP  Richard Law 3829 37th Street To allow for a vacation rental use. (DENIED)
A2020.002-TUP All Elements 4 - 8401 120th Avenue To allow for a vacation rental use. (WITHDRAWN)
A2020.010-TUP  Dejan Teodorovic
(McElhanney Limited)
8705 & 8715 Road 22 To renew a TUP allowing “outdoor storage” use January 4, 2024
A2021.016-TUP  Robert Burk  130 Hallis Road  To renew a TUP allowing an "outdoor commercial events venue" use August 19, 2024
A2022.003-TUP  Stewart & Tenbrink  21043 Alkali Road To formalize an existing accessory building without a principle building April 21, 2025
A2022.011-TUP  Doug Harper  16435 87th Street  To allow a "mobile home" on an SH1zoned property.  July 7, 2025
A2022.032-TUP  Sophie Mas 10230 81st Street To allow a vacation rental use  December 31, 2023