Gallagher Lake Area Plan - OCP Incorporation


At its meeting of December 15, 2016, the Regional District Board adopted Amendment Bylaw No. 2452.16, 2016, being the Gallagher Lake Area Plan.

The Plan was initiated by the Regional District in order to address policy, growth and development trends that are influencing the Gallagher Lake Area and to address its designation as a “Rural Growth Area” under the South Okanagan Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) Bylaw.

The Area Plan provides policies on a broad range of topics including land-use, transportation, housing, parks and infrastructure specific to the Gallagher Lake community.

In order to more effectively administer and maintain the Area Plan going forward, the Regional District is proposing to incorporate the Area Plan directly into the Electoral Area "C" Official Community Plan (OCP) Bylaw No. 2452, 2008, instead of having it exist as a separate Appendix to the OCP Bylaw.


In order to incorporate the Gallagher Lake Area Plan into the OCP Bylaw, it is being proposed to undertake the following amendments:

  • that a new Section 2.0 (What is an Official Community Plan?) be updated in order to incorporate some of the information currently found in Section 1.0 of the Area Plan;

  • that a new Section 3.0 (Community Profile) be added in order to incorporate the information currently found in Section 2.0 of the Area Plan (NOTE: it is also being proposed to provide additional context to this section that speaks to the remainder of the Electoral Area);

  • the Section 4.0 (Growth Management) be updated in order to incorporate similar information found at Section 2.3 of the Area Plan and also to incorporate more recent Census data (NOTE: when the OCP was drafted it primarily relied on information from the 1996 Census);

  • that a new Section 5.0 (Local Area Policies) be added to the OCP in order to capture the objectives and policies contained at Section 3.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0 and 11.0 of the Area Plan;

  • that Section 9.0 (Commercial) be updated to incorporate some of the proposed amendments related to the review of the Commercial and Tourist Commercial Zones;

  • that Section 15.0 (Transportation) be updated to incorporate the equivalent sections from the Area Plan;

  • that Section 16.0 (Infrastructure and Servicing) be updated to incorporate the equivalent sections from the Area Plan;

  • that the Gallagher Lake Commercial Development Permit Area be included as a new Section 18.5 and that the accompanying map be incorporated as a new Schedule ‘H’;

  • that Section 20.0 (Implementation) be updated to include the action items from the Area Plan;

  • that the OCP Map (being Schedule ‘B’ of the OCP Bylaw) be updated to include the land use designation currently found in the Area Plan and to denote the Gallagher Lake Rural Growth Area Boundary; and

  • that the Road and Trail Network map be incorporated as a new Schedule ‘G’ to the bylaw.

Amendment Bylaw Status - Adopted July 5, 2018

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Draft Amendment Bylaws:


Amendment Bylaw No. 2452.20;

Draft Schedule 'B' (OCP Map)

Draft Schedule 'G' (Road & Trail Map)

Draft Schedule 'H' (DP Area)



Other Documentation:


Gallagher Lake Area Plan (Appendix 1)


Comparison Tables:

Proposed Section 2.0

Proposed Section 3.0

Proposed Section 4.0

Proposed Section 5.0

Proposed Section 9.0

Proposed Section 15.0

Proposed Section 16.0


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