Faulder Zoning Review

The Faulder Community relies on groundwater from the Meadow Valley Aquifer for their drinking water supply.  In 2015, a new Faulder Community Well was drilled into the Meadow Valley Aquifer to replace the existng well that supplied domestic water to an estimated 215 residents. 

This well is seen to be near capacity and is not capable of accommodating unlimited growth, a situation that is reflected in the Electoral Area "F" Official Community Plan (OCP) Bylaw No. 2790, 2018, which recognizes that water supply and quality issues are of concern in the Faulder area and includes a policy discouraging "subdivision of properties in order to maintain the rural character of the area."

To support this general policy direction, the Regional District will be reviewing the zoning of properties within the Faulder Water Service Area in late 2021 or early 2022 in order to determine subdivision potential and alternate zoning approaches. The Regional District may also extend this review beyond the Water Service Area. 

A map of the Faulder Water Service Area is available here:  https://www.rdos.bc.ca/assets/MAPS/Bylaws/1753map.pdf

Additional information on the Faulder Water System is also available here: https://www.rdos.bc.ca/public-works/engineering-reportsstudysprojects/water-systems/faulder-water-system/

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