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In 2017, the Regional District completed a review of the Environmentally Sensitive Development Permit (ESDP) Area designations in the South OKanagan Electoral Area Official Community Plan (OCP) Bylaw (this being Electoral Areas "A", "C", "D", "E", "F" & "I"). 

This represented the first review of Environmentally Sensitive Development Permit (ESDP) Areas since their introduction in Electoral Area "D" (OK Falls / Eastside Road) in 1997, and resulted in the introduction of:

  • consistent objectives and policies related to “Parks, Recreation & Trails” and “Natural Environment & Conservation” in each Electoral Area OCP Bylaw;
  • consistent regulations for "Parks and Recreation (PR)" and "Conservation Area (CA)" zones in each Electoral Area Zoning Bylaw;
  • consistent Guidelines governing development in ESDP Areas across Electoral Areas;
  • a new "Expedited" DP option based on the submission of a "Rapid Environmental Assessment (REA)"; and
  • updated mapping of areas with "high" and "very high" environmental values derived from mapping in "Keeping Nature in our Future" (2013).

Additional information on this project can be found here:

In 2019, a "24 Month Review" of the changes that were implemented was undertaken and administrative report detailing the findings was cosnidered by the Planning and Development (P&D) Committee of the Regional District Board at its meeting of May 23, 2019.  A copy of this report is provided below.  Amongst other things, it was recommended that:

  • replace the Rapid Environmental Assessment (REA) checklist with a new standardised report template ("Environmental Screening Report");
  • remove subdivisions as an "expedited" development permit option; and
  • undertake minor modifications to the mapping to address the retention of existing dwellings within the ESDP Area.

Public Input

While work on this project remains on-going, and a draft amendment bylaw has not yet been completed, the Regional District encourages feedback from residents regarding the current ESDP Area designation.  These comments can be:

  • emailed to;
  • faxed to 250-492-0063; or
  • mailed or dropped off at 101 Martin Street, Penticton, BC, V2A-5J9.

Amendment Bylaw Status

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