Electoral Area "I" & LGA Revisions Update


On April 27, 2018, the Lieutenant Governor approved Order in Council No. 216, dividing Electoral Area “D” into two separate Electoral Areas (i.e. a new “D” & “I”), and that this will come into effect on November 15, 2018.

In anticipation of this pending division of Electoral Area “D”, the Regional District has completed a review of all current land use bylaws and identified a series of amendments that are required to reflect this new governance structure.

While these amendments primarily relate to the Electoral Area “D-1” & “D-2” Official Community Plan (OCP) and Zoning Bylaws, amendments to the Advisory Planning Commission (APC) Bylaw, Board of Variance (BoV) Bylaw, Subdivision for a Relative Bylaw, Manufactured Home Park Regulations Bylaw, South Okanagan Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) Bylaw as well as the other Electoral Area OCP & Zoning Bylaws have also been identified.

Although unrelated to the pending division of Electoral Area “D”, the Regional District is also proposing to amend these same bylaws in order to address revisions to the Local Government Act enacted on January 1, 2016.

This revision resulted in numerous references within the various land use bylaws adopted by the RDOS Board prior to 2016 becoming outdated.  To address this and ensure continued ease of use of the Regional District’s land use bylaws the amendment includes updated references to quoted sections of the Act.

Amendment Bylaw Status

Draft Amendment BylawsPublic ConsultationRegional District Board Consideration

OCP Amendment Bylaw No. 2830


Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 2831



Annotated Versions:


RGS Amendment Bylaw No. 2770.01


OCP Amendment Bylaw No. 2830


Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 2831


APC Amendment Bylaw No. 2339.02


BoV Amendment Bylaw No. 2482.01


MHP Regs Amendment Bylaw No. 2597.02


Subdivision for a Relative Amendment Bylaw No. 2494.02

Public Hearing

Thursday, October 18, 2018

RDOS Board Room

9:00 a.m.

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Planning & Development Committee

Administrative Report

Minutes (2018-09-06)


Bylaw Introduction (1st & 2nd reading):

Administrative Report


Minutes (2018-09-20)


Public Hearing:

Report (2018-10-18)



3rd Reading & Adoption:

Administrative Report

Minutes (2018-10-18)


Adoption (Bylaw 2831):

Administrative Report

Minutes (2018-12-06)