Development Services
"Planning and building now for future generations"

Planning Services and Building Inspection Services are responsible for planning for and regulating development in the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen.

Planning and Building Inspection Services staff work as a team to provide information to the community about land use inquiries and development proposals, and to provide resources for land use decision-making and processing of development applications.

How to contact RDOS Planning & Building Inspection Services. More info

Planning Services

Planning staff prepare plans and policies, and provide information to the community and the RDOS Board to guide development in the community. More info

The Regional Growth Strategy (RGS)

The Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) is a long-term planning project that deals with growth management issues over a 20-year period which identifies and prioritizes common goals across the region that meet social economic, and environmental objectives. More info

Building Inspection Services

Building Inspection regulates and administers the bylaws of the RDOS Board for construction or demolition of buildings within the Building Inspection Service Area. More info