Hillside Development Permit (HDP) Area

The Regional District has implemented a Hillside Development Permit (HDP) Area in Electoral Area “D” (Okanagan Falls / Eastside Road) in order to protect development from hazardous conditions as well as the protection of the natural environment.

The primary objectives of the HDP Area is, amongst other things, to minimize the risk of erosion, landslip or rockfall on development in steep slope areas, preserve native vegetation and ecosystems in steep slope areas and ensure neighbourhoods are aesthetically integrated into hillside areas.

An HDP is required when it is being proposed to subdivide land within an HDP Area with authority to approve HDP applications delegated by the Regional District Board to staff.  The DP process requires an application fee, completed application form and the submission of a professional report prepared by a suitably qualified individual (i.e. registered engineer or geoscientist) in accordance with the guidelines contained in the Electoral Area “D” Official Community Plan (OCP) Bylaw.

To complete an application, please fill out the Development Permit Application Form.