Electoral Area F

Current Rezoning Proposals

Project No.ProponentAddressSummary

Okanagan Development Consultants Inc

(Bill Coates)

8475 Princeton-Summerland Road To allow for a 3-lot subdivision

Current Development Variance Permit Applications

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Current Temporary Use Permit Applications

Project No.ProponentAddressSummary

Completed Rezoning Proposals

Project No.Zoning Bylaw No.OCP Bylaw No.AddressSummary
F-07-06646.620 1742.11, 2008 - 697 Highway 97 Adjusting zone boundaries at Greata Ranch and permit a 172 berth commercial marina.
F-07-06646.621 1742.12, 2008 - no civic To allow a 25 berth residential marina at Greata Ranch.
N/A 1742.15, 2008 - N/A Introducing Dock Regulations into Zoning Bylaw.
F-07-06689.000 2461.01, 2009 2460.01, 2009 506 North Beach Rd. Introducing a Comprehensive Development Zone at North Beach Estates.
F-09-07443.100 2461.02, 2009 - 1400 Sparton Dr.,
West Bench
Permitting a winery with a maximum floor area of 55 m2 in SH5 Zone.
F2013.027-ZONE 2461.03, 2013 - 125 Hyslop Dr.,
West Bench
To allow a "carriage house" in the SH5 Zone (refused).
F2014.001-ZONE 2461.04, 2014 2460.02, 2014 365 Highway 97 Formalise Punte Norte Guest House operation and allow 1-lot subdivision
F2014.029-ZONE 2461.05, 2014 2460.03, 2004 464 Fish Lake Rd. Rezone from AG3 to LH2s to allow for a 3-lot subdivision (refused).
F2014.070-ZONE 2461.06, 2014 - no civic
(Agur Lake)
To allow for an accessory dwelling with a floor area of 166 m2.
F2014.087-ZONE 2461.07, 2014 - 3861 Solana Cres.,
West Bench
Allow for an accessory building on a vacant parcel of land.
F2015.084-ZONE 2461.08, 2015 - 66 Deans Rd, Faulder Rezone from SH2 to SH3 to allow a 1-lot subdivision.
F2016.107-ZONE 2461.09, 2017 2460.04, 2017 633 Meadow Valley Rd Rezone from LH to SH2 to allow a 1-lot subdivision (refused).
F2018.083-ZONE 2461.11, 2018 - 15 Deans Road To allow for a 2-lot subdivision
F2019.016-ZONE   2461.13, 2019 48 Savanna Road To allow for the development of a 41-unit farm labour accommodation building
F2020.008-ZONE  2461.14, 2020  - 8025 Princeton Summerland Rd To allow for a home industry by rezoning from (SH3) to SH2s)

Completed Temporary Use Permits

Project No.ProponentAddressSummaryPermit Expiry
F2016.091-TUPJoe Cuzzocrea
(Peter Brothers Construction)
2603 Bartlett Drive, West BenchAllow an additional asphalt plant (withdrawn).N/A