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RDOS & Riverside Centre Offices closed to the public

New Building Bylaw 2805

RDOS Building Bylaw #2805, 2018 was adopted on May 23, 2019 effective July 1, 2019.  This bylaw replaces Bylaw #2333.  All permits applied for, or issued prior to July 1, 2019 are under #2333.

Summary of Changes Building Bylaw 2805

RDOS Building Building Bylaw #2805

BC Building & Plumbing Code

The BC Building Code, Plumbing Code, Fire Code and other related publications are now available from the Province, on-line.

Notice regarding complete Building Permit applications

Construction Site Health & Safety Expectations


Certification of Plumbing Test - due before framing inspection

Mechanical Ventilation Checklist - due before framing inspection

Climatic / Snow Load Data for RDOS

Changes to 2012 B.C. Building Code

Effective December 19, 2014 there are changes to the BC Building Code regarding the energy efficiency of buildings (Section 9.36).  To assist builders and homeowners, here are three information guides.

RDOS Building Information Bulletin December 2014

Illustrated Guide from HPO on Energy Efficiency Requirements

RDOS Building Interpretation of 2014 Changes to BC Building Code

Assembly Worksheets