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In 2014, the Regional District Board introduced a policy of supporting “the use of a residence for short-term vacation rental where permitted by a Temporary Use Permit.”

This policy also included criteria the Board may use to assess applications for “vacation rental” uses, including the “capability of providing domestic water and accommodating on-site sewage disposal.”  How a property owner could prove the capability of their on-site sewage disposal system (i.e. septic) was, however, not stated.

As a result, the Regional District has accepted a disparate range of septic system documentation from property owners applying for “vacation rental” TUPs.  This has included records of service (i.e. pumping), copies of original design drawings as well as assessments from Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioners (ROWPs).

The Regional District recognizes that a higher standard is required when confirming the capability of a septic system to accommodate a “vacation rental” use and is proposing to introduce minimum reporting requirements to be met by property owners making application for a vacation rental TUP. 

Specifically, it is being proposed that a "Septic Compliance Inspection (SCI) Report" be provided.  Details regarding what is to be addressed through a SCI Report is detailed in Draft Amendment Bylaw No. 2500.24, which is linked below (see "Draft Documents").

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Amendment Bylaw 2500.24

(version - 2021-11-09)


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