Demolition, Renovation, New Construction, Burned Structures

Demolishing, Renovating or Altering a Structure

Before Demolishing, Renovating or Altering a Structure follow four steps: agency agreements, hazardous assessment, Waste Disposal Application, and hauling procedure:

The Waste Disposal Application can be filled in electronically. Save to your computer before filling out

New Construction Mixed Load

New Construction Mixed Load are materials that are generated from new construction, where no existing structure has been altered, and that contains two or more recyclable building materials from a new construction site.

  • If an existing structure is being altered, it is deemed Demolition or Renovation Material and has different procedures for disposal.

For Construction Mixed Load from only new construction (no existing structures are being altered):

Burned Material

Burned material must have been extinguished and allowed to entirely cool for at least 14 days. For Landfill acceptance, procedures and times follow the steps below:

Asbestos Disposal

Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) is received at the Campbell Mountain and Oliver Landfills following strict hauling protocols. Contact the RDOS well in advance to schedule a Landfill disposal appointment to ensure safe and timely disposal.

Lead Based Material Disposal

Before Demolishing, Renovating, or Altering a structure, it must be inspected for hazardous materials, including lead.