Soil Acceptance

Clean Soil Acceptance

For RDOS administered landfills in Penticton, Oliver, Okanagan Falls, and Keremeos.

  • There is no charge for clean soil, sod and top soil delivered to the landfill.
  • The soil must be free of garbage, building materials, stumps, yard waste, shrubs and trees.
  • All rocks in the load must be smaller than 30 cm (12 inches) in any dimension.
  • A completed RDOS Clean Soil Declaration must be included with each load. The Clean Soil Declaration states the location of where the soil was generated. It also declares that the soil is free of metals or hydrocarbon contaminants. The Declaration may be completed in advance and a copy delivered with each load hauled or can be completed by the driver when at the landfill scale house when arriving.

It is recommended that Contractors wanting to haul multiple loads of clean soil contact the Regional District in advance. This will help ensure that a suitable area is provided for disposal of large loads of soil.

Contaminated Soil

Contaminated Soil is defined in the Contaminated Sites Regulation under the British Columbia Environmental Management Act. Contaminated Soil is soil that has been impacted by chemicals, oil, gas, or heavy metals.

A Qualified Professional is required to assess all Contaminated Soil. The assessment by a Qualified Professional must be provided to the RDOS for analysis. The RDOS will determine whether the soil can be accepted at a RDOS Landfill or whether it should go to a specialized facility. The RDOS acceptance requirements can be found in the Protocol and Application document linked below.

There are exemptions within the Provincial ‘Contaminated Sites Regulation’ for soil volumes that do not exceed 5 cubic metres. The declaration form for Small Volume (less than 5 cubic metres in total) of Contaminated Soil is linked below.