Illegal Dumping


Illegal dumping poses many health, safety, environmental, and economic threats such as increased risk of wildfire, contamination of water and soil, decline in property values, and injury to people around dumpsites.

Report Illegal Dumping on Crown Land  

Contact RAPP (Report All Poachers and Polluters), BC’s Conservation Officer 24hr toll-free Hotline 1-877-952-7277. If the situation is not an emergency, complete and electronically submit the RAPP form on the BC RAPP website.

Download the BC Wildlife Federation Conservation App to report illegal dumping and other environmental related violations on your smart phone. The Conservation App makes it easy for users to take geo-reference, time-stamped photos or videos. The app works both in and out of service using your phone’s GPS. Reports are sent to a secure server and forwarded automatically to the appropriate enforcement agency.

What to Record

  • Location (look for landmarks to best describe the location, and if on Crown Land or Private Land)
  • Date and Time
  • Description of waste
  • Photo
  • Vehicle License (if witnessing the violation)

Not sure if the illegal dumpsite is located on Private or Crown Land?

Contact the RDOS:

Cleaning up illegal dumpsites

The Regional District encourages and supports community clean-ups where possible.

If you are interested in organizing a clean-up of an illegal dumpsite, contact the RDOS in advance to ensure proper procedures are followed.

  • The RDOS Illegal Dumping Tipping Fee Waiver can be filled in electronically. Please save to your computer before filling out
  • Email the waiver and photos of the illegal dumpsite to to be approved
  • Wait for the approved completed waiver before hauling to landfill! The RDOS must sign a copy of the waiver and this waiver must be presented with each load of illegal dumped waste brought to the landfill
  • Bags and gloves for the clean up can be provided

Why worry about illegal dumping?

Illegal dumpsites pose the following health, safety, environmental and economic threats:

  • Health and safety issues
  • Injury to children playing in or around dumpsites
  • Injury to individuals in or around dumpsites
  • Disease carried by animals and insects attracted by dumpsites
  • Negative impact on the natural environment
  • Contamination of streams, rivers and lakes
  • Contamination of soil and groundwater
  • Contamination of drinking water wells
  • Damage to plant and wildlife habitats
  • Increased risk of fire
  • Potential of discarded glass igniting fires
  • Increased fuel for fires
  • Illegal dump fires are difficult to extinguish
  • Illegal dump fires can release harmful fumes into the atmosphere
  • Decline in property values as a result of illegal dumping
  • Loss in economic benefits attained through tourism