Multi-Family Toolkit

This toolkit is designed for multi-family housing in the RDOS to use for setting up and maintaining successful recycling programs. Multi-family housing includes apartments, condominiums, townhouses, mobile home parks, housing co-operatives, and developments serviced by private roads. The toolkit is intended for building owners, managers, and operators, strata managers and teams, local governments, and concerned citizens.

Watch the video, Recycling Toolkit for Multi-Family Buildings (click and then view under the heading Videos).  This video will go over the How-to Guide.

The How-to Guide will help you to learn what you can recycle, find the best hauler for you, store your recycling, add signage, and encourage your residents to recycle. Finally, it will guide you on how to monitor and measure success, and reduce waste disposal costs.

The resources referred to within the How-to Guide are found below.




How to Get a Recycling Collector 

Multi-Family units can check with their local municipality if recycling programs or educational resources are available. For example, the City of Penticton has assisted multi-family recycling programs in their community with educational resources and recycling audits. Don't forget to check if your municipality has more recycling resources for multi-family buildings.


Recycling Signs (Icons)


Recycling Signs (Pictures)