Solid Waste Management Plan



The RDOS is updating its Solid Waste Management Plan to help guide decisions about new programs for managing waste for the next 20 years. We will need your input as we investigate new and better programs to help residents and businesses reduce, reuse and recycle, extending the lifespan of our landfills and making the best use of our tax dollars.

Advisory Committees

In order to ensure input from across the region, two committees have been formed. The Public Advisory Committee consists of volunteers from throughout the region to help provide input on what options the public might like to see and which ones are more suitable. The Technical Advisory Committee consists of local government staff and waste management industry reps that can help identify options and costs for presentation to the public at a later date.

Each committee will meet about five times throughout the planning process. Meeting agendas, minutes and reports can be found here. The committees’ insights, along with the information collected during surveys and open houses, will help shape the future of waste management programs for the region.

2012 Solid Waste Management Plan

The Solid Waste Management Plan was adopted by the RDOS Board on September 20th, 2012. The final report incorporates several recommendations brought forward during public consultation and endorsed by the three Advisory Committees.

2019 Amendment - Apex Mountain Waste Transfer Station

The Regional District has obtained approval to amend the 2012 Solid Waste Management Plan to allow for the construction of a Waste Transfer Station at Apex Mountain Resort.

Apex Mountain Waste Transfer Station webpage

Fall 2010 Waste and Recycling Survey Results are In!

Thank you to the close to 600 people who completed our waste and recycling survey! The results tell us that recycling continues to be important to our residents, and that there is more we can be doing to reduce waste.

The survey results will be combined with the work being done by the Public and Technical Advisory Committees (see below) to look at ways to better manage our waste and recycling for the years to come, while making the best use of our tax dollars. The information and options will be presented at the open houses for more feedback later this year.