Bylaw Enforcement

Bylaw Enforcement Procedure

Respecting the rights of our neighbours and preserving the quality of life in our unincorporated communities and electoral areas are important aspects of community living. The goal of any proactive Bylaw Enforcement program is not to penalize residents but rather to achieve voluntary compliance with reasonable standards through increased public education and awareness of our regulations and the rationale for them.

On April 19, 2018, the Board of Directors adopted a new Bylaw Enforcement Procedures Policy to provide direction and consistency to staff, elected officials, and members of the public on how bylaw enforcement complaints will be processed. The adopted policy can be found below:

Bylaw Enforcement Procedures Policy

For general bylaw complaints please complete the Bylaw Complaint Form and submit it to the Bylaw Enforcement Coordinator by email (, mail or drop-off at RDOS offices. For complaints specific to Zoning/Land Use, Unsightly properties, Noise, or Animal Control, please see further information below:

Zoning Bylaw/Land Use Complaints (Electoral Areas, A, C, D, E, F and H only):

All complaints must be in writing and signed. Contact information for the complainant must be provided and is kept confidential to protect the identity of the complainant. There are no criteria as to who may lodge a complaint. All zoning bylaws are posted online and we encourage you to review the bylaw applicable to your area to ensure that you are aware of zoning restrictions that apply to your property and those of your neighbours.

Electoral Area "A" Osoyoos Rural Zoning Bylaw

Electoral Area "C" Oliver Rural Zoning Bylaw

Electoral Area "D" Kaleden-Apex Southwest Sector Zoning Bylaw

Electoral Area "D" East Skaha, Vaseux Zoning Bylaw

Electoral Area "E" Naramata Area Zoning Bylaw

Electoral Area "F" Okanagan Lake West/West Bench Zoning Bylaw

Electoral Area "H" Princeton Rural Zoning Bylaw

Untidy and Unsightly Premises Bylaw (Electoral Areas C, D, E, F and G only):

All complaints must be in writing and filed on the appropriate form which can be downloaded from our website. All complainants must be willing to appear as a witness in the event the matter proceeds to enforcement in the courts. Criteria for filing a complaint differ between areas and are as follows:

Area C: Four (4) unrelated complainants from within Electoral Area C or the RCMP; OR 1 complaint where the complainant is directly impacted, and located within 30 metres from the subject property.

Complaint Form, Electoral Area C

Area D: Three (3) unrelated complainants from within the Electoral Area D.

Complaint Form, Electoral Area D

Area E and Area F: Two (2) unrelated complainants where the complainants are directly impacted and located within 30 metres of the subject property.

Complaint Form, Electoral Area E and F

Area G: Two (2) unrelated complainants within the Electoral Area.

Complaint Form, Electoral Area G

We suggest that you review the standards of “untidy/unsightly” as set out within the bylaw to determine that the property that you wish to complain about meets these standards. In addition, take a look at surrounding properties in the vicinity prior to lodging your complaint. The Bylaw Enforcement Officer considers this when making a determination as to whether the property is untidy or unsightly.

Untidy and Unsightly Premises - Bylaws

Electoral Area "C" Oliver Rural, Bylaw 2393, 2007

Electoral Area "D" - Kaleden/Okanagan Falls, Bylaw No. 2326, 2004

Electoral Area "E" - Naramata, Bylaw No. 2391, 2006

Electoral Area "F" - Okanagan Lake West/West Bench, Bylaw 2438, 2008

Electoral Area "G" - Keremeos Rural/Hedley, Bylaw No. 2521, 2010

Electoral Area "H" - Princeton, Bylaw No. 2637, 2013

Noise Control (Areas C, D, E and F):

Is your neighbour, or a dog, making noise which disturbs the quiet peace, rest, enjoyment, comfort or convenience of the neighbourhood or in the vicinity? Are contractors waking you up too early or are they working too late? Check out the bylaw online and see if they are breaking this bylaw. If so, call our Bylaw Enforcement Officer on contract 24/7 at 250-492-0911.

Noise Control Bylaws

Electoral Area "C" - Oliver Rural, Bylaw 2397, 2007

Electoral Area "D" - Kaleden/OK Falls/Apex, Bylaw 1527.01, 2007

Electoral Area "E" - Naramata, Bylaw 2386, 2006

Electoral Area "F" - Okanagan Lake West/West Bench, Bylaw No. 1526, 1994

Electoral Area "H" -  Princeton, Bylaw 2628, 2013

Contact the RDOS Bylaw Coordinator if you have any concerns about this service.

Animal Control (Areas A, B, C, D, E, F and G):


All calls and complaints with respect to animals at large are fielded by calling  1-250-490-4113 and complaints can be emailed to All dogs 24 weeks of age or older require that the owner obtain a dog tag. Dogs must be on a leash in all public places. Dogs found at large (not under control of the dog owner) may be impounded or a ticket/fine issued. All impoundment fees must be paid and the dog must have a current dog tag prior to being released.

Dog License Application

Dog Control Brochure

Animal Control Bylaws

Electoral Area "B" and "G" Animal Control bylaw No. 2763, 2017

Electoral Area's "A" "B" "C "D "E" "F" and "G"- Dog Control Bylaw No. 2671
Contact the RDOS Bylaw Coordinator if you have any concerns about this service.

Bylaw Enforcement Coordinator:     250-490-4130

Noise Complaints:     250-492-0911

Dog Control:              250-490-4113

The below Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw sets the fine amounts for violations of specific sections of RDOS regulatory bylaws. This bylaw is updated on a regular basis as bylaws are amended, and violation fines may change through time. You should be aware of what fine you may be subject to if you are in found in violation of one of RDOS bylaws.

BYLAW NOTICE ENFORCEMENT BYLAW NO. 2507, 2010 - consolidated January 4, 2018

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