RDOS Regional Reflections: water conservation in the South Okanagan

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We live in a dry climate and with the extended high heat and lack of precipitation in the Okanagan Valley this summer, now is the time to assess how we can reduce our dependency on ‘thirsty landscaping’ such as grass lawns and look to conservation methods like not watering daily and addressing any wasteful water habits.

Use some of the easy conservation tips included below to help conserve our local water resources and help ensure there is enough available for food, fish and firefighting.

Water between dusk and dawn
Putting water to work during the coolest part of the day prevents evaporation. A good rule of thumb is between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Sprinkle smart
Don’t let water waste your time, effort and money! It should sprinkle your lawn or garden, not pavement.

Collect and re-use

Rain barrels collect fresh, naturally soft water that is great for container plants, flowerbeds and food gardens.

Plant for your climate
Okanagan water works best with plants suitable for our dry climate: drought-tolerant turf, native and low water variety plants.

One inch per week
Most lawns need just one inch of water per week – about the depth of a tuna can. To measure, put the tuna can under your sprinkler and time how long it takes to fill. That is how long to run your sprinkler over the space of one week.

More water conservation tips and a plant collection guide of up to 105 perennials, grasses trees and shrubs are available at www.makewaterwork.ca


Karla Kozakevich, Chair
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