Organic Management Facilities
Feasibility Study

Recommendations from Feasibility Study

The Regional District worked with SLR Consulting to review six (6) sites. Two properties were identified as being preferred for locating a Regional Compost site.

Funding for this Feasibility Study was received through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

Triple Bottom Line Report

Collection Options Report

Compost and Woodchips Marketing Memo

Project Background - Organic Management Facilities Feasibility Study

The Organic Management Facilities Feasibility Study is a three Phase project looking at the potential costs of enhancing and creating new local composting facilities:

  • Phase 1: Cost of Composting at Publicly owned sites
  • Phase 2: Consultation with Private Sector to develop proposals for organic management facilities on private land
  • Phase 3: Obtaining costs and benefits for sending waste to potential private compost facilities, comparing public and private sector options and preparing a recommendation on how to proceed

Background Documents

Regional Organic Waste Management Strategy, December 2010

Solid Waste Management Plan, September 2012

Development of Organics Infrastructure Administrative Report, March 2013

Power Point Presentation – Development of Organics Infrastructure, March 2013

Waste Stream Management Licenses Administrative Report, August 2013

Organic Management Feasibility Assessments for Public Properties

The Regional District commissioned feasibility studies and odour modelling for 8 properties owned or leased by local governments. The purpose was to understand the various costs to develop each site and the potential consequences for neighbouring properties in terms of odour. Different iterations were completed to compare the differences between smaller and larger facilities.

In partnership with the City of Penticton, the Regional District also evaluated the potential for co-digestion of food scraps at the Penticton Advanced Waste Water Treatment Plant (AWWTP).

These reports were funded in part by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Green Municipal Fund.

Key findings:

  • Larger sites are generally more cost effective to treat organic waste than individual community sites due to better economies of scale.
  • The District of Summerland Landfill and Oliver Landfill have good odour control potential due to the relative distance to homes and local wind patterns.
  • There is potential for smaller communities to use an inexpensive method of composting called Open Windrow especially for residential food scraps.

Organic Management Feasibility Assessment of 8 Public Properties

Organic Management Feasibility Assessment - Odour Modelling

Review of Work by SLR Consulting

City of Penticton AWWTP - Co-Digestion Feasibility Assessment

Request for Proposals - Private Sector Organics Management

The purpose of this Request for Proposal is to evaluate opportunities for private sector organics management. These opportunities can come in two basic forms:

  • provision of land for the Regional District to develop an organic management facility, or
  • provision of organic management services to treat organics.

All Proposals accepted through this RFP process will be compared to other private and public sector options as part of a Strategy to determine the best approach to handle organics from local government collection programs, multi-family residential developments and the ICI sector in the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen.

Request for Proposals - Private Sector Organics Management

Addendum 1, January14th 2016

Addendum 2, February 1st 2016

Closes Thursday February 18, 2016 at 3 pm.

Expression of Interest - Development of Private Organic Management Facilities

The Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS) is asking parties interested in supplying composting or other organic management services within the RDOS to submit an Expression of Interest. Expressions of Interest must include the location of the private property where the compost site will be located.

A revised Expression of Interest has been released to correct estimated amounts of bio-solids generated within the RDOS. Expressions of Interest are asked to be submitted by June 19th, 2015 at 2:00 p.m..

REVISED Expression of Interest - Development of Private Organic Management Facilities

Federation of Canadian Municipalities Grant Announced - Jan 2015

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) has awarded the RDOS $175,000 to conduct the Organic Management Facilities Feasibility Study. The grant will cover up to 50% of the costs of this Feasibility Study.

Press Release

Assessment of 9 Publicly Owned Sites - Jan 2015

An assessment of local landfills and other properties owned by local governments was presented to the RDOS Board. The assessment tabulates the amount of available materials for composting and the potential barriers for siting composting facilities at each site.

Of the nine sites assessed, feasibility studies and odour modelling will be commenced for eight of them.

Site Assessment - includes feedstocks by community

Call for Consultation - Jan 2014

The RDOS has asked for consultation regarding current and future private composting facilities. This two part call for consultation includes:

  • links to a draft Bylaw and draft Board Policy to regulate licenses for composting sites, and 
  • a request for land owners interested in placing a composting site on their property

Call for Consultation document