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The Regional District adopted a district-wide Regional Water Use Regulation Bylaw and Regional Water Conservation Strategy specific for the Okanagan-Similkameen. The cross connection control bylaw is scheduled to be reviewed by the RDOS Board in late 2019.

The documents are intended to unify water use standards, conservation strategies and cross connection control within the Regional District owned and operated water systems.

These documents focuse on water conservation/efficiency and sustainable water management, integration of extreme weather (e.g. drought and flooding) management recommendations, inclusion of climate change and consistent interpretation of the appropriate regulations.

RDOS Bylaw No. 2824, 2019 - Regional Water Use Regulation Bylaw

RDOS Regional Water Conservation Strategy November 14, 2017


 Overview of the Regional Water Use Regulation and Conservation Bylaw Project October 2017

Overview of the Cross Connection Control Bylaw October 2017 

 Overview of the Regional Water Conservation Strategy