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2017 Naramata Water System Rehabilitation Project

2017 Watermain Replacement Project

The objective of the 2017 Naramata Water System (NWS)Upgrade Project was the replacement of about 5 kilometers of deteriorating water main including appurtenances, 22 fire hydrants, and 165 service connections within the NWS. The sections water main were chosen for replacement based on the Regional District's Asset Management Investment Plan (AMIP) as well as the Average Annual Life Cycle Investment (AALCI) for the NWS. The four sections included: Naramata Road and side roads, Hayman and Lower Debeck Road, Juniper Drive, and Lower Old Main.

Ecora Engineering and Resource Group Ltd. (ECORA) were awarded the contract for engineering and contract administration services for the project. The Regional District then worked with ECORA to finalize a design, obtain permits, and develop a work plan to compete the upgrade work. Grizzly Excavating (Grizzly) was awarded the Naramata Road and side roads contract, H & M Excavating was awarded the contract for Juniper Drive, and Twin Con was awarded the Hayman Road, Lower Debeck and the Lower Old Main contract.

Construction in all four areas begin on July 17, 2017. Much of the water main that has been replaced was the original Asbestos-Cement (AC) pipe dating back to 1958. The majority of water main work was completed over the next 4 months and in that time approximately 4.4 kilometers of new water main and 22,800m2 of asphalt were replaced. The remainder of the watermain replacement and roadwork for this project was completed in the spring of 2018.

The total cost for this project was just under $4.7 Million.

Thank you to the community for your patience and understanding during this major construction project for the Naramata Water System!


Naramata Water Meters:

The Naramata Water Meter Pilot Program is now complete. The meters are a great tool for Naramata enabling everyone who had a meter installed to see just how much water they are using and the RDOS to ensure enough water will be reserved for times of need. A total of 115 water meters have been installed (36 commercial/winery, 44 agricultural and 35 residential).

Thank you to everyone for their cooperation.


Naramata Capital Plan & Developmental Cost Charge (DCC) Review:

20131023 RDOS Brochure - Naramata Water System Infrastructure Management


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