RDOS FireSmart committees grow to 19

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The number of FireSmart committees located throughout the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS) has grown to 19. The committees include dozens of volunteers working to protect their communities from the risk of wildfire.

“The RDOS FireSmart team would like to thank all the volunteers for their dedication and time in helping to make the RDOS a safer place to live,” says Kerry Riess, RDOS FireSmart Coordinator. “FireSmart volunteers are helping spread the word throughout their communities about the importance of FireSmarting properties. The volunteers are also working with the RDOS FireSmart team to organize and host educational events as well as chipping and cleanup activities. The events are making a real difference, and the RDOS looks forward to seeing further momentum and growth in 2023.”

The RDOS FireSmart team is continuing to identify community champions throughout the region who can help distribute information and act as points of contact. The RDOS is currently inviting volunteers in Electoral Areas “B” and “G” to assist as community champions.

“The RDOS FireSmart team is always looking for more volunteers to form committees,” says Mark Pendergraft, RDOS Chair. “The hardest part is getting started. It means pulling together a few people to create a committee and then working with the RDOS FireSmart team to help spread the word.”

The benefits of organizing a FireSmart committee, include:

  • Access to free home assessments
  • Food costs covered for up to $500 for FireSmart community events
  • Access to RDOS-sponsored chipping and yard cleanups and bins
  • Be part of a movement to help protect your community from the dangers of wildfire

Upcoming event:

  • Kilpoola FireSmart Chipping Event, Sunday, Oct. 16, 2022, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
    Postbox site on Richter Pass. Further details available at firesmart.rdos.bc.ca.

For further information, including details about organizing a chipping event, please contact Kerry Riess, RDOS FireSmart Coordinator, or visit the RDOS Community FireSmart website at firesmart.rdos.bc.ca.


Mark Pendergraft, Chair
Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen


Kerry Riess
RDOS FireSmart Coordinator

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 FireSmart Volunteers Anarchist Mtn Area A

 FireSmart volunteers at Ancharchist Mountain in Electoral Area "A" (Rural Osoyoos)