EOC Update: Evacuation Alert issued for Similkameen Valley (Electoral Areas B, G, H) Nov 15 2021 4:30 pm

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Monday, November 15, 2021 4:30 pm

Due to the threat of flooding in the Electoral Areas outlined below; and because of the potential danger to life, health, and property damage, the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen has issued an Evacuation Alert for low-lying properties along the Similkameen River in Electoral Areas B, G, H and the Village of Keremeos.

See maps below.



Upon notification of an ALERT, all residents and visitors on the property are advised to be prepared for an evacuation order by:

  • Locating all family members and designating a meeting area outside the evacuation area, should an Evacuation Order be called while separated.
  • Packing essential items such as:
    • government-issued ID
    • medications
    • eyeglasses
    • valuable papers (e.g. insurance, credit, and mortgage information)
    • immediate care needs for dependents and
    • if time and space permits, keepsakes for quick departure.
  • Preparing to move disabled persons, children and/or neighbors, if assistance is needed.
    •  If you identify as having extraordinary needs contact the RDOS EOC for assistance: 250-490-4225
  • Preparing to take pets with you and move livestock to a safe area (if possible).
    • Pet owners and hobby farmers with concerns for their animals
    • Animal Emergency Response Team (ALERT) can help call: 250-809-7152or email info@alertcanada.org
    • Farmers who require assistance contact the RDOS EOC: 250-490-4225 
  • Arranging transportation for all your household members. Fill the gas tanks of personal vehicles. If transportation assistance is needed, contact the RDOS EOC.
  • Please store your Fire Arms in accordance with Section 118 of the Fire Arms Act.
  • Arranging accommodation for all members of the residence, if possible.
  • Wait for an Evacuation Order to be issued before evacuating. Monitor news sources including Civic Ready.
  • Pre-register at ess.gov.bc.ca
  • Note you will need to either attend a reception center or call 250-490-4225 if the ALERT is expanded to an ORDER.

Further information can be found at www.emergency.rdos.bc.ca and through Civic Ready.

For more information contact: RDOS EOC (250) 490-4225

Issued by EOC Director

Schedule 1 - Evacuation Alert for Electoral Area B (Cawston)

20211115 Area B Alert Map


 Schedule 2 - Evacuation Alert for Electoral Area G (Hedley, Rural Keremeos)

20211115 Area G Alert Map

Schedule 3 - Evacuation Alert for Electoral Area H (Rural Princeton along Similkameen River)

20211115 Area H Alert Map