What We Do

A huge amount of data and information is required to support the services provided by the RDOS. Information Services promotes and facilitates the use of this information, creating efficiencies within the RDOS and enabling staff, Board members and citizens to make better, more informed decisions.

Services and Responsibilities

Information Services staff provide a wide variety of services including:

  • Network and server support. Responsible for upgrades, maintenance, security and disaster recovery of the system.
  • PC desktop support for staff at main RDOS office in Penticton as well as at various water system locations, landfills, community centers and fire halls.
  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems). Information Services staff are responsible for updating and maintaining our parcel base with current legal boundary information from Land Titles Office which is linked to the BC Assessment legal, owner and assessment information as well as to the civic address. With this information numerous questions can be answered such as;
  • Finance staff can determine how much individual owners will have to pay to set up a new service such as a volunteer fire department
  • Emergency personal can determine, in the event of a interface forest fire, how many people will be affected and who they are.
  • GIS Analysis, mapping and computer modeling to support various RDOS initiatives such as the impacts of land use decisions for Planning purposes.
  • Interactive internet mapping which includes;
  • A public parcels mapping application with civic, legal and zoning information
  • A public trails mapping application with local hiking, biking horseback riding, snowmobiling and X-country skiing information
  • 911 emergency mapping application used by Fire Dispatch and the Fire Departments
  • Internal mapping application used by RDOS staff
  • Creation, enhancement and maintenance of computer applications to support business processes such as the tracking of subdivisions and development requests.
  • Responsible for updates, maintenance and security of various databases to support GIS, Finance and internal applications.
  • Communications including phone system.
  • Purchase and installation of new computer hardware and software.