Metal Storage Container Zoning Review


The Regional District is proposing a series of amendments to the Electoral Area "A", "C", "D", "E", "F" & "I" Zoning Bylaws in order to introduce new regulations for the placement of metal storage ("shipping") contains on a property.

At present, the Electoral Area Zoning Bylaws are silent on the use of metal storage containers, and the Regional District has interpreted containers to be “accessory structures” and as being allowed within a zone in which "accessory buildings or structures" are listed as a permitted use and provided the containers are used in association with a principal permitted use and comply with all relevant zoning provisions (i.e. setback, building height, parcel coverage, etc.).

The use of metal storage containers within the Regional District, due to their versatility and ease of re-use for residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial purposes, has led to an occasional concern being expressed, including:

  • aesthetic considerations (i.e. compatibility with residential neighbourhoods / highway commercial developments);
  • safety concerns (i.e. targets for break-ins when being used for storage purposes); and
  • Building Permit implications (i.e. confirmation the structure complies with the BC Building Code in relation to its intended re-use).

In response to these considerations, as well as the experience of the member municipalities (as evidenced through their zoning regulations), the Regional District is proposing, amongst other thins, that metal storage containers only be permitted in the Rural Zones (i.e. Resource Area, Agriculture & Large Holdings – all of which have a minimum parcel for subdivision of 4.0 ha). In the Low Density Residential zones (i.e. RS1, RS2, RD1, etc.) the placement of a metal storage container would be limited to one (1) per parcel and the container must be clad in a similar material to the principal dwelling and be provided with a pitched roof.

Status of Amendment Bylaw No. 2895

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Amendment Bylaw No. 2895

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Amendment Bylaw No. 2895

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