Demolition & Renovation / New Construction / Burned Structures
RDOS Administered Landfill Disposal Details

Demolishing, Renovating or Altering a Structure:

Before Demolishing, Renovating or Altering a Structure

Step 1:  Agency Agreements and Demolition/Building Permits: 

Agency Agreements: If hiring an Agent/Contractor, an Agency Agreement Form may be required if the owner(s) wants an Agent/Contractor to fill out and submit all the required paper work, such as applying for permits etc. Check with the local Municipal or Regional District Building Department.

Is a Demolition Permit Required?  Is a Building Permit required? Demolishing a structure may require a Demolition Permit, and Renovating or Altering a structure may require a Building Permit from your local Regional or Municipal Building Department.  Contact the applicable Building Department to enquire if a Demolition Permit  is required (when demolishing an entire structure), or if renovating or altering a structure if a Building Permit is required.

a. Required Steps  -  Review details in Step 1

Step 2:  Obtain Hazard Assessment Report:  Before demolition, renovation or altering a structure, the BC Occupational Health & Safety Regulation requires that a qualified professional (Hazard Assessment Contractor) be contacted to prepare a Pre-Demolition/Pre-Renovation Hazardous Assessment Report. Demolition and renovation materials can contain hazardous materials including asbestos, lead paint and other harmful materials. WorkSafeBC and the RDOS require that these hazards be identified prior to demolition and prior to hauling materials to RDOS administered landfills.

See the following documents:

a. Contact List for Hazard Assessment and for Abatement Contractors

b. Flowchart - Required Steps

b. Required Steps  -  Review Details in Step 2

c. Guide to Asbestos (ACM) Disposal

d. Landfill Asbestos Disposal Checklist

e. Management of Waste Asbestos – Province of BC Link

Step 3:  Before Demolition - Preparation of Hazardous Fee, Assessed Demolition and Renovation Materials for RDOS Administered Landfill: 

  • Once hazardous materials are abated (removed) from a structure, or if no hazardous materials were identified, and if you want to haul the Assessed Demolition or Renovation Materials to an RDOS administered Landfill, the applicant must complete, sign, and submit for review the RDOS Landfill Waste Disposal Application for Demolition/Renovation Waste (WDA) along with any applicable documents and disposal receipts listed in PART 2 of that WDA.

  • Do not demolish structure or haul disposal materials until you received Authorization (the Approved RDOS WDA Application) from the RDOS Public Works Department, and;

  • Have checked with the applicable local Municipal Building Department or rural RDOS Building Department if a Demolition Permit is required and if so, what those requirements are.  An application for a Municipal or Regional Demolition Permit is a separate application from the RDOS Landfill Waste Disposal Application (WDA).  See the following document and WDA form:  

a. Required Steps  -  Review Details in Step 3

b. RDOS Landfill Waste Disposal Application (WDA) for Demolition & Renovation Materials

(Tip:  The Waste Disposal Application can be filled in electronically – save to your computer before filling out) 

Step 4:  Delivery to an RDOS Administered Landfill Site:  

  • An Approved RDOS Waste Disposal Application allows conforming co-mingled assessed demolition/renovation materials to be accepted at the Campbell Mountain, Oliver and Okanagan Falls Landfill Sites. The Okanagan Falls Landfill - DRC Sorting Site offers significantly lower tipping fees for co-mingled assessed demolition materials with an Approved RDOS WDA and with conforming loads (generated both in Service Area and outside Service Area). See the following documents:  

a. Required Steps  -  Review Details in Step 3 Landfill Tipping Fee, and Step 4 Delivery to the Landfill 

b. RDOS Regulatory Bylaw, and RDOS Fees & Charges Bylaw see RDOS Regional Bylaws

New Construction - CONSTRUCTION MIXED LOAD Materials:

What is CONSTRUCTION MIXED LOAD - materials that are generated from new construction, where no existing structure has been altered, and that contains two or more RECYCLABLE building materials from a new construction site.

If you are altering an existing structure - Any projects that alter any existing structures will be deemed Demolition or Renovation materials, and applicants must follow the RDOS Landfill Waste Disposal Application process for these materials (See Demolition and Renovation Materials).

CONSTRUCTION MIXED LOADs with or without a completed Hauler Declaration are accepted at Campbell Mountain, Oliver as NON-ASSESSED DEMOLITION AND RENOVATION MIXED LOAD at a rate of $700/MT and Okanagan Falls at a rate of $500/MT, however;

When CONSTRUCTION MIXED LOADs are hauled to the Okanagan Falls Landfill – DRC Sorting Site with a signed Hauler Declaration and a copy of the Approved Building Permit, the TIPPING FEE is $200/MT (as of April 15,2018, $125/MT within landfill Service Area),  and if out of landfill service area $250 M/T (rate change to $150/MT starting April 15, 2018).  

 Step 1:  For CONSTRUCTION MIXED LOAD Landfill Procedures & Hauler Declaration – See the following form:


Step 1:  For Landfill acceptance, procedures and times – follow the Steps and Notes in the attached document: