Apex Mountain Waste Transfer Station

July 2019 Construction Underway

Construction is underway for the foundation and placement of a metal building to house the Apex Mountain Waste Transfer Station at 220 Strayhorse Road. The potential opening is expected to be November 1st, 2019. More details will be sent out to property owners in the Fall.

February 2017 Apex Mountain Waste Transfer Station Newsletter

Updated Mil Rates

Errors were found in the calculation of Mil Rates for the two options below. The Mil Rates have been corrected in the newsletter linked below. The corrected newsletter has been mailed to property owners.  

Updated 2016 Apex Mountain Waste Transfer Station Newsletter 

Apex Mountain Waste Transfer Station Design Options

The Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS) is asking property owners, residents and businesses at Apex Mountain Ski Resort to comment on options to build a waste transfer station. The RDOS has leased land near the Apex village center. The waste transfer station will allow residents and businesses to drop-off waste and recyclable materials 24 hours a day.

Below are renderings for the two design options.

Option 1: Building

     - Includes pre-fabricated metal building with retractable door(s) and covered walkway to snowshoe trails. Bear resistant compactor bins for garbage and recycling inside the building.


Option 2: No Building

    - No building. Bear resistant compactor bins for garbage and recycling.


Prior to completing the survey, please review the Newsletter above.

To complete the online survey, click the link below. The survey will close Friday December 16th, 2016.

Online Survey Closed

Link to BC Assessment to determine the 'TOTAL VALUE' assessed on a particular property. Divide the 'TOTAL VALUE' by 1000 and then times that number by the mil rate provided in the 'Information Sheet' above to determine an estimated amount paid on taxes with each option.  

For more information on the waste transfer station or the public open house please contact the RDOS Public Works Department at 250-490-4103, toll free 1-877-610-3737 or e-mail

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