Street Lights

Public Works is responsible for the management of street lighting in some of the electoral areas. Currently the Regional District is responsible for Husula Highlands, Naramata, Olalla, Faulder, Keremeos, Schneider Subdivision, West Bench and Heritage Hills.

Establishing a Local Service Area for Street Lighting

In existing subdivisions, the owners of property within the subdivision may petition the Regional District to provide streetlights in their area. To be approved, the petition must receive support of at least 2/3 of the owners and the total value of the assenting owner's land must represent more than 50% of the total land value in the subdivision. If approved the owners will pay for installation, operating, and maintaining the streetlights on their taxes or through an annual utility bill.


Developers should check with the Regional District Planning Services for subdivision requirements before building.

Streetlight Repairs

If you notice any burnt out bulbs, flickering, on during the day, vandalized,  or have any other maintenance requests, please make a note of the street light pole number (located on the pole) and the street address.  If not possible obtain the pole number, the street address is sufficient. Email or phone the RDOS the maintenance request and include the street light pole number, street address, reason for the request and your contact information and email this to or phone Public Works at 250.490.4144.

If the street light requiring maintenance is in the RDOS Street Lighting Service Area, RDOS will then forward the maintenance request to FORTISBC.

If you notice the street light has not been repaired within three to four weeks, please contact the RDOS, so that we may follow up with FORTISBC.