Solar Energy Systems - Zoning Review


The Regional District is proposing a series of amendments to the Electoral Area ‘D’, ‘E’, ‘F’ & ‘I’ Zoning Bylaws in order to introduce new regulations for the placement of solar energy devices on a property.

At present, the Electoral Area Zoning Bylaws are all silent on the use, size, erection and placement of solar energy systems.  This is seen to be reflection of solar energy systems not being a viable source of on-site power generation at the time the bylaws were drafted. However, with increasing interest in advanced technology, that provides more efficient heating and cooling systems by combining solar energy with other forms of energy required for residential dwellings, more homeowners are now switching to solar energy devices which warrants a general zoning amendment.

With the increasing demand and versatility of such systems being used for residential, commercial and industrial purposes, there has been concerns in general of such systems being too obtrusive.

In response to which, RDOS Board at its regular meeting on May 21, 2020 passed a motion to direct staff to bring forward options for zoning regulations which will govern the placement of such systems. As a result, Administration is currently proposing following amendments to the Zoning Bylaws;

  • ground mounted systems shall not be allowed on parcels 1.0 ha in area of less.
  • ground mounted systems, when limited to the height of accessory buildings and structures allowed under the applicable zone, be required to comply with the minimum setbacks for accessory buildings and structures outlined in that zone.
  • if the height of ground mounted systems exceed the height of accessory building and structures allowed under the applicable zone, such systems be set back at least twice the height of the solar energy systems installed in that zone.
  • that a maximum of 1.0 m height for roof-mounted systems be allowed above the maximum building height allowed under that zone.
  • that the height and setbacks for ground-mounted systems be required to meet the maximum permitted height requirements for a given zone.

Status of Amendment Bylaw No. 2911

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