Electoral Area "E" OCP Bylaw Review


An Official Community Plan (OCP) is the vision a community has for its future. It contains goals and policies that will shape future land use in a way that reflects the community's vision. These goals and policies form a framework used by the Regional Board, Regional District staff, other agencies and the community to guide their decisions about future land use.

The Regional District will be commencing a review and update of the Electoral Area "E" (Naramata) OCP Bylaw in 2021.  The Review will be conducted in accordance with the Local Government Act which specifies purpose, required content, and adoption procedures of an OCP Bylaw. 

The current OCP was originally adopted in 2006 and subsequently repealed and replaced in 2008 as part of a larger review of Regional District land use bylaws (NOTE: this process did not result in any substantive changes to the original OCP).  it is anticipated that a new Electoral Area "E" OCP Bylaw will be completed by 2022.