Electoral Area C

Current Rezoning Proposals

Project No.ProponentAddressSummary
C2022.009-ZONE  Diane Hunter  479 Johnson Crescent  To rezone the property from Small Holdings Three (SH3) to Small Holdings Three Site Specific (SH3s) in order to increase the maximum number of livestock permitted to be kept on the subject property from two to eight.  
C2022.010-ZONE  Norman Goddard  4120 Black Sage Rd  To allow for an accessory dwelling with a floor area of greater than 125 m2 

Current Temporay Use Permit Applications

Project No.ProponentAddressSummary

Chris Van Hooydonk

3692 Fruitvale Way  Eating and drinking establishment 
C2021.015-TUP Kane Morgan  4444 Goldenmile Drive  Vacation Rental  
C2022.007-TUP Layne Klassen  211 Road 18 To allow for the use of a 72 sq m industrial worker accommodation unit for farm labour.
C2022.008-TUP Perkins   5607 Cactus Street

To allow a vacation rental in the suite


Current Development Variance Permit Applications

Project No.ProponentAddressPurpose
C2022.026-DVP Surinder Mann  577 Road 2 

To increase the maximum parcel coverage from 10% to 15.96% to allow for the expansion of a farm product processing and packaging warehouse.


Current Retail Cannabis Store Applications

Project No. Proponent Address Purpose Documents


Completed Rezoning Proposals

Project No.Zoning Bylaw No.OCP Bylaw No.AddressSummary
C2016.021-ZONE 2453.28, 2015 -

8350-8360 Gallagher

Lake Frontage Road

Allow development of self-storage units

C2016.066-ZONE 2453.29, 2016 -

8472 Gallagher
Lake Frontage Road

Allow for expansion of manufactured home park.
C2016.082-ZONE 2453.30, 2016 2452.16, 2016

Gallagher Lake

Introduction of Gallagher Lake Area Plan
C2017.057-ZONE - 2452.17, 2017 N/A Update of Protection of Farming Development Permit Area designation
C2017.095-ZONE 2453.31, 2017 2452.18, 2017 8127 River Road Early Termination of Land Use Contract
C2017.099-ZONE 2453.32, 2017 - 8332 Gallagher Lake Road

To allow for the development of

self-storage (mini-storage) unit

C2017.128-ZONE 2453.33, 2017 2452.19, 2017 5580 Elderberry Street To allow for the creation of a 1.0 ha parcel (boundary adjustment)
C2017.154-ZONE 2453.34 - 5627 Cactus Street To allow for a "commercial card-lock facility" (fuel sales). WITHDRAWN
C2018.202-ZONE 2453.35 - 5530 Primrose Lane To allow an accessory dwelling with a floor area of 170 m2 (approx.)
C2019.004-ZONE 2453.36, 2019 2452.21, 2019 793 Secrest Hill Road To rezone property to Agriculture One (AG1) to allow for a winery.
C2019.014-ZONE 2453.37, 2019 2452.22, 2019 730 Golden Currant Road To rezone property to allow a lot line adjustment subdivision between two parcels.
C2020.010-ZONE   2453.38, 2020  - 500 Secrest Hill Road  To formalise an existing campground use

Completed Development Variance Permit (DVP) Applications

Project No.ProponentAddressSummary
C2021.019-DVP Piotr Lopinski  337 Road 11, Oliver To vary the minimum front parcel line setback for an accessory building from 7.5 metres to 2.4 metres
C2021.033-DVP Jeff & Sharon Crowley 7335 Tucelnuit Drive  To vary the interior side parcel line setback for an accessory structure. 
C2021.037-DVP Darcy & Vivian Griffith 5481 Sawmill Road  To reduce interior setback from 1 m to 0.06 m for shipping containers as fence line.
C2021.048-DVP  Ron Cannan 1888 Willowbrook Road To reduce the minimum interior side setback from 4.5 metres to 2.78 metres.
C2021.060-DVP Kyle Nielsen  7621 Highway 97  To waive the requirement for a structure to have a base consisting entirely of soil.
C2022.006-DVP Jordan Sitar  364 Orchard Grove Lane  To reduce the front setback from 7.5 to 2.5 m to replace a dangerous carport.

Completed Temporary Use Permits

Project No.ProponentAddressSummaryPermit Expiry
C2017.098-TUP Avro Oil Limited 
(Terry Feeny)
8332 Gallagher Lake Frontage Road To allow for the outdoor storage of recreational vehicles (WITHDRAWN). N/A
C2019-002-TUP John Ferreira 7315 Tuc-el-Nuit Drive To allow for the short-term tourist rental of 2 dwelling units. July 18, 2022
C2019.012-TUP  Dana Nielsen 166 Sundial Road Renewal of an existing TUP for a vacation rental use. December 31, 2022
C2021.001-TUP  Andrew Peller Ltd
(Patricia Leslie)
553 Tinhorn Creek Road Renewal of existing permit for a vacation rental use. December 31, 2023
C2021.002-TUP  Andrew Peller Ltd
(Patricia Leslie)
4230 Black Sage Road Renewal of existing permit for a vacation rental use. December 31, 2023
C2021.003-TUP Swaranjit Chahal 430 Pinhill Road Temporary Farm Labour Housing. March 31, 2024
C2021.010-TUP Laraina Rossion  594 Green Lake Road  To allow for the short-term tourist rental (FILE CLOSED)  N/A
C2021.014-TUP  S. Mann & M. Mann 376 Road 6 To allow for a "Temporary Farm Labour Housing" use October 31, 2024
C2022.006-TUP Sandra Bull 503 Wilson Mtn Road To allow for the short-term tourist rental December 31, 2022