RDOS transitions from CivicReady to Voyent Alert! mass notification system

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The CivicReady mass notification system used by the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS) will no longer be able to support its Canadian clients or continue to maintain a Canadian database, as of November 2021. Once the current contract with CivicReady expires at the end of November 2021, the RDOS will be transitioning to the Canadian-based company Voyent Alert!

Voyent Alert! is a routine and emergency notification system offering a user-friendly smartphone app. For rural residents with limited connectivity, the system supports sending notifications via text message, email or landline telephone message. As part of the change in service providers, residents and property owners currently subscribed to receive CivicReady notifications via text message, email or telephone will be migrated to Voyent Alert! You will continue to receive the notifications you subscribed to, however all accounts will automatically be registered for emergency notifications, as well.

To ensure a smooth transition, please sign in to your CivicReady account and confirm the primary telephone number and primary address of the property you are receiving alerts for. Voyent Alert! uses geo-targeted technology to pinpoint exact properties, rather than notifying the entire Electoral Area.

If you do not currently have a CivicReady account, please sign up now and include your primary telephone number and primary address of the property you are receiving alerts for. Alternatively, you may choose to sign up with Voyent Alert! when the service launches in December 2021.

CivicReady users will be sent reminder notifications prior to the change in service providers. RDOS staff will be available by telephone to assist with the transition process and answer questions about the new system.



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