Cawston Primary School participates in Local Government Awareness Week

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In recognition of Local Government Awareness Week (LGAW) running May 16 to 22, 2022, the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS) partnered with Cawston Primary School in Electoral Area B to showcase local government services and programs through a regional lens.

On Monday, May 18, and Tuesday, May 19, students in grades three and four participated in a scavenger hunt-style activity, visiting several stations along the new Similkameen Rail Trail. Students learned about the RDOS Board of Directors, bylaws, parks and trails, recreation, maps and land use, the Similkameen Recreation Centre, and dog control. After visiting each station, students were awarded a letter and when all stations were complete, unscrambled the letters to spell government. The children then participated in games at Kobau Park, courtesy of the RDOS Physical Activity Trailer (PAT).

“LGAW is an opportunity to share information with students and the public about how the Regional District provides services and programs where they live,” says Electoral Area B Director George Bush. “RDOS staff will be looking at ways to offer similar opportunities for students across the region in the future.”

Electoral Area B Director George Bush, along with Municipal Director and Keremeos mayor Manfred Bauer, met with the students on Wednesday, May 18, and discussed their roles as elected officials on the RDOS Board.

“Students are familiar with me as the Mayor of Keremeos,” says Municipal Director Bauer. “It was fun to speak with them about my other role on the RDOS Board.”

On Thursday, May 19, the students participated in the RDOS Board meeting, joining the Corporate Services Committee as a delegation. The Board members were greeted by the children who asked questions about the role of Directors, and RDOS programs and services.


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LGAW school visit


Municipal Director Manfred Bauer and Electoral Area B Director George Bush
discuss regional government services at Cawston Primary School.