RDOS launches new resources for maintaining pest free fruit trees, berry bushes and vines

News Article

Owners of fruit bearing trees, berries and bushes are responsible for controlling insect pests on their properties. RDOS bylaws have been in place since 2001 to prevent pest infestations spreading to neighbouring fruit stocks and the crops of professional growers potentially devastating their livelihood. The RDOS responds to complaints concerning fruit bearing trees that are not properly maintained or are infected by pests.

Residential property owners have found it difficult to access information on how to care and maintain their fruit bearing stock, and specifically, what types of pests may affect the quality and quantity of fruit production in the Okanagan-Similkameen. Local nurseries and plant retailers echoed this lack of accessible information. Recent upswings in food security awareness, and the desire of newcomers and existing residents to grow their own food highlighted the need for access to relevant information.

The RDOS responded to this information gap by developing new online brochures, factsheets, videos and downloadable materials. The updated noxious pests section of the RDOS website reflects this fresh new direction. Printed copies of all the online materials will soon be available to the public through distribution to municipal halls, commercial outlets, and at RDOS offices.

“It’s important that residents and commercial producers know how to maintain their crops and what kind of noxious pests they may be up against in the region,” says RDOS Chair, Karla Kozakevich. “These resources can help guide new and experienced growers in producing healthy, vibrant crops without posing risks to neighbouring orchards or residential trees.”

For further information and to access the new materials, visit the Growing Fruit? Pest Control webpage at www.rdos.bc.ca