Share your thoughts on the Similkameen Recreation Centre’s landscape design plan

News Article

The Similkameen Recreation Centre is developing a draft design plan for the Centre’s landscaping. The phased approach to the project will align with its vision to “be a steward of the environment, sustaining a diverse and livable region that offers a high quality of life.”

The design was developed through engagement with the Similkameen Recreation Commission (Electoral Areas B, G and Village of Keremeos), local experts within landscape design, RDOS staff and Regional Directors.

The RDOS is seeking community feedback on the proposed plan with the goals of:

  • Creating an appealing and usable recreation landscape while increasing engagement in the facility and property
  • Ensuring the landscape plan is sustainable, fiscally viable, versatile, accessible and creates programmable spaces

Key considerations also include:

  • The ability to host events
  • Potential long-term changes and or future capital upgrades such as pool, highway access and daycare locations.

Visit the Similkameen Recreation Centre at 311 9th Street, Keremeos to see picture boards with design concepts, or visit to share your comments. Feedback will be collected until December 15, 2021, after which the design will be developed into a phased 5-year plan including longer-term goals as identified. Funding for the project will be from the Recreation Centre’s capital reserves and grant applications.