Electoral Area C

Current Rezoning Proposals

Project No.ProponentAddressSummary
C2019.004-ZONENaomi Garrish793 Secrest Hill RoadTo rezone property to Agriculture One (AG1) to allow for a winery.

Current Development Variance Permit Applications

Project No.ProponentAddressPurposeDocuments
C2019.012-DVPMatt Lebedoff
(Mark Anthony Group Inc.)
4797 Wild Rose StreetTo allow an over-sized internally illuminated sign within the Agriculture One (AG1) Zone


Site Plan

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C2019.015-DVPJennifer Hartle
(Outreach Signs)
5535 Highway 97To allow commercial signage in excess of that permitted within the Agriculture One (AG1) Zone


Site Plan

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C2019.021-DVPBill Ross
(obo Covert Farms)
450 Covert PlaceTo vary the maximum parcel coverage in order to allow for an addition to an existing shop.


Site Plan

Building Plans & Elevations

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Current Temporay Use Permit Applications

Project No.ProponentAddressSummary
C2019-002-TUPJohn Ferreira7315 Tuc-el-Nuit DriveTo allow for the short-term tourist rental of 2 dwelling units.

Completed Rezoning Proposals

Project No.Zoning Bylaw No.OCP Bylaw No. AddressSummary
C-08-06577.4502123.17, 2008-537 Tinhorn Creek RdAllow for "special events" in AG1 Zone; and
Allow packing facility with a 1,672m2 floor area
C-09-01138.0002453.01, 2009-8360 Gallagher Lake
Frontage Road
Allow vehicle storage in the C1 Zone
C-09-06516.0302453.02, 2009-4852 Ryegrass RoadAllow packing facility with a 1,200m2 floor area
C-09-06577.4502453.03, 20092452.02, 2009537 Tinhorn Creek RdExpanding AG2s Zone Boundary
C-09-07072.0152453.04, 2009-4780 Wild Rose StreetAllow 210 m2 "boarding home" for farm labour
C-09-05468.3762453.05, 20102452.03, 2009561 Road No. 3Rezone "Gleaners" site to Industrial, allow RVs
C-10-07166.0052453.06, 20102452.04, 20108967 Highway 97Rezone from CT4 to SH3 to allow residential use
C-10-06577.4502453.07, 2010-537 Tinhorn Creek Rd

Reduce "special events" parking requirements;

Allow packing facility with a 2,550m2 floor area.

C-10-06519.2002453.08, 2010-4320 Black Sage RdRezone from AG1 to AG2 to allow for larger winery
C-10-05782.0002453.09, 20102452.05, 20105481 Sawmill RoadRezone from I1 to RS1 to allow residential
(AG Plan)2453.10, 20102452.06, 2010N/AImplementation of Agriculture Area Plan (AAP)
C-10-05730.0002453.11, 2011-4550 Highway 97Allow packing facility with a 1,000m2 floor area
C-10-01153.0502453.12, 20112452.07, 2011351 Jones Way RoadCreation of 1.0 ha parcel in AG1 Zone
(boundary adjustment)
C-11-01140.0252453.13, 2011-8486 Gallagher Lake
Frontage Road
Allow distillery in C2 Zone
C-11-07068.0502453.14, 20112452.08, 20111140 Green Lake RdAllow 1-lot subdivision
C-12-05420.0202453.15, 20122452.09, 20125660 Highway 97Rezone from I1 to C1
C-12-06576.9652453.16, 20122452.10, 20124998 Mariposa Road;
867 Road 8
Creation of 1.0 ha parcel in AG1 Zone
(boundary adjustment)
C-12-01134.0002453.17, 2012-8300 Gallagher Lake
Frontage Road
Reduce setbacks in RSM1 Zone
C-12-05676-5002453.18, 20122452.11, 2012adjacent to
1068 Rockcliffe Road
Rezone from RA to PR to allow cemetery use
C2013.040-ZONE2453.19, 20142452.12, 2014607 Ponderosa Rd;
700 Pallay Road
Creation of 1.0 ha parcel in AG1 Zone
(boundary adjustment)
C-13-05796.0002453.20, 2013-250 Thorp RoadAllow for accessory dwelling
C-13-05782.0002453.21, 20142452.13, 20145481 Sawmill RoadAllow for a salvage operation
C-13-06516.0202453.22, 2014-4900 Ryegrass RdAllow for agri-tourism accommodation
C2014.067-ZONE2453.23, 2014-8598 Highway 97Allow for 350 m2 parcel sizes in RSM2 Zone
C2015.018-ZONE2453.24, 20152452.14, 20158487 Highway 97Allow tourist cabins as a campground use;
Adjust zoning boundaries
C2015.070-ZONE2453.25, 20152452.15, 20154563 Highway 97Rezone from CT1 to SH5 to formalise dwelling
C2015.085-ZONE2453.26, 2015-1140 Green Lake RdAllow 1-lot subdivision
C2015.095-ZONE2453.27, 2015-303 Road 17Allow for accessory dwelling
C2016.021-ZONE2453.28, 2015-

8350-8360 Gallagher

Lake Frontage Road

Allow development of self-storage units

C2016.066-ZONE2453.29, 2016-

8472 Gallagher
Lake Frontage Road

Allow for expansion of manufactured home park.
C2016.082-ZONE2453.30, 20162452.16, 2016

Gallagher Lake

Introduction of Gallagher Lake Area Plan
C2017.057-ZONE-2452.17, 2017N/AUpdate of Protection of Farming Development Permit Area designation
C2017.095-ZONE2453.31, 20172452.18, 20178127 River RoadEarly Termination of Land Use Contract
C2017.099-ZONE2453.32, 2017-8332 Gallagher Lake Road

To allow for the development of

self-storage (mini-storage) unit

C2017.128-ZONE2453.33, 20172452.19, 20175580 Elderberry StreetTo allow for the creation of a 1.0 ha parcel (boundary adjustment)
C2017.154-ZONE2453.34-5627 Cactus StreetTo allow for a "commercial card-lock facility" (fuel sales). WITHDRAWN
C2018.202-ZONE2453.35-5530 Primrose LaneTo allow an accessory dwelling with a floor area of 170 m2 (approx.)

Completed Temporary Use Permits

Project No.ProponentAddressSummaryPermit Expiry
C2016.103-TUPDaryl & Sandra Chipchura166 Sundial RoadRenewal of existing permit for a vacation rental use.December 31, 2019
C2017.098-TUPAvro Oil Limited 
(Terry Feeny)
8332 Gallagher Lake Frontage RoadTo allow for the outdoor storage of recreational vehicles (WITHDRAWN).N/A