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Board Contact List

Name Position Phone Email
Pendergraft, Mark

Electoral Area “A”

(Osoyoos Rural)

250.485.2289 cell Email
Bush, George

Electoral Area “B”


250.499.0376 cell Email
Schafer, Terry

Electoral Area “C”

(Oliver Rural)

250.535-3222 cell Email
Siddon, Tom

Electoral Area “D”

(Kaleden/OK Falls)

250.809.2548 cell Email
Kozakevich, Karla
RDOS Board Chair

Electoral Area “E”


250.809.2557 cell Email
Brydon, Michael

Electoral Area “F”

(Okanagan Lake West/

West Bench)

250.809.2563 cell Email
Christensen, Elef

Electoral Area “G”

(Keremeos Rural/Hedley)

1.888.292.8620 toll free
250.499-0900 cell
Coyne, Bob

Electoral Area “H”

(Princeton Rural)

250.582.9090 cell Email
Jakubeit, Andrew

City of Penticton


250.809.2397 cell Email
Konanz, Helena

City of Penticton


250.809.2897 cell Email
Sentes, Judy
OSRHD Vice-Chair

City of Penticton


250.490.6446 cell Email
Martin, Andre

City of Penticton


250.328.8152 cell Email
Waterman, Peter

District of Summerland


250.809.8466 cell Email
Boot, Toni

District of Summerland


250.770.0787 cell Email
Hovanes, Ron

Town of Oliver


250.485.2600 cell Email
McKortoff, Suzan

Town of Osoyoos


250.498.1857 cell Email
Armitage, Frank

Town of Princeton


250.295.8815 cell Email
Bauer, Manfred
RDOS Vice-Chair

Village of Keremeos


250.499.2711 hall phone