RGS Monitoring

Under the Local Government Act, a regional district with an RGS must establish a program to monitor its implementation and the progress made towards its objectives and actions. An important component of this is an annual report on that implementation and progress.

In response to this requirement, the RDOS has developmed a robust monitoring regime that looks at a suite of 33 performance indicators to assess the progress of the RGS towards its policy objectives. Since much of the information for these indicators is retrieved from Census data, it is intended that these reports be completed every five years, in conjunction with the release of Census data.

The Regional Snapshot: South Okanagan Regional Growth Strategy Volume 1 for 2008/2009 has now been completed. This Snapshot tracks 10 key indicators and compares data for 2007.

Each year, a 'snapshot' report will be released that uses a selection of 10 performance indicators to measure progress.  These snapshots have evolved given the effectiveness of each indicator.

In 2008, the RDOS commissioned a Baseline report that was completed using data from the 2006 Census.

Link: South Okanagan Regional Growth Strategy - 2006 Baseline Study