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Similkameen Trails Management Plan

Burlington Northern

Rail Trail

Management Plan

Red Bridge - Keremeos - Cawston

Recreational Trail Plan

If you cannot just upload the information go directly to the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands website.

A Guide to Using and Developing Trails in Farm and Ranch Areas

A Guide to Using and Developing Trails in Farm and Ranch Areas

(updated 2006)

This 59-page trail guide was developed to assist trail proponents and developers. The trail guide emphasizes the importance of land use compatibility when trails are being considered in or near agricultural areas. The guide outlines mitigative techniques, provides design examples and reviews planning and consultative processes. The trail guide also provides a "Code" for trail users in farm and ranch areas.

NOTE : This guide [12 mb] may be viewed and printed as a complete book or by individual chapters for faster printing.

Trails through Agriculture Areas

This 2-page brochure is designed to inform users of trails that go through agriculture areas of several key points to help ensure a safe recreational experience that respects the working landscape they are passing through.

Similkameen Trails

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