Okanagan Falls Sewer System and Treatment Plant

The Okanagan Falls Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) is an oxidation ditch process, constructed in the late 1970’s along with a piped sewer system. The Okanagan Falls STP is located near the confluence of Shuttleworth Creek and the Okanagan River. In 2009, the RDOS was successful in obtaining a federal/provincial infrastructure grant for the construction of a new advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) at a new location downstream along the Okanagan River. See the project unfold from design to construction on our special update page:

Okanagan Falls WWTP - Project Updates! ..... coming soon!

Within the Electoral Area 'A' of the RDOS, the properties Northwest of the Town of Osoyoos has been an area of concern with regards to water quality. Lots located along the lakeshore represent the greatest environmental and health risks due to the close proximity of septic fields to Osoyoos Lake and individual water wells. With the combination of Federal/Provincial infrastructure and OBWB grant funds the construction is getting underway by the Town of Osoyoos.

Liquid Waste Management Plans

Liquid Waste Management Plans (LWMP) are encouraged by the Ministries of Environment and Health, especially for rural areas dependent upon on-site treatment and disposal systems, to investigate existing circumstances, research viable alternatives and improvements and finally (with public input) to recommend the most financially, socially, and environmentally acceptable solution.

Okanagan Falls Area Liquid Waste Management Plan Amendment

This LWMP includes the communities of Okanagan Falls, Kaleden and Skaha Estates. All the information available to complete the plan is on the Okanagan Falls Sewer webpage.

Liquid Waste Management Plan Electoral Area 'F' Amendment [Greata Ranch]

This LWMP involves the area known as 'Greata Ranch' and the chosen wastewater disposal option of constructing a sewer pipeline from the Greata Ranch area to the Summerland sewer system. For additional details on all the options looked at, the Stage 1-2 report is available for reading.

Gallagher Lake & Vaseux Lake Area Liquid Waste Management Plan has been initiated for the areas of Gallagher Lake, east Vaseux Lake, south Vaseux Lake and the properties in between.

Gallagher Lake & Vaseux Lake Area Liquid Waste Management Plan webpage Coming Soon........

Sewer Feasibility Studies

Gallagher Lake Community

The Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen (RDOS) undertook a study to assess options for the provision of sanitary services to the Gallagher Lake area. Gallagher Lake is a small community within the RDOS located approximately five kilometers north of the Town of Oliver.

Sewer Feasibility Study Report for Gallagher Lake - January 2007

Sawmill Road Community

The Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS) undertook this study to update the 20-year old Waste Management Plan and to identify and investigate various options available for implementation of a sewage collection system for the Sawmill Road area, just south of the Town of Oliver.

Sewer Feasibility Study Report for Sawmill Road area - November 2008

Applying for a Sewer Connection

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