Elected Officials Compensation Committee

Call for Committee Member

On March 7, 2019 the RDOS Board of Directors resolved that a citizen committee be created to consider equalization and remuneration for the Board of Directors. This Elected Officials Compensation Committee is an advisory ad hoc committee of the RDOS. The committee made recommendations regarding compensation that municipal and electoral area directors of the RDOS receive. RDOS Staff, through the Manager of Legislative Services, supported the committee by organizing meetings, providing comparison research of other local government jurisdictions and assisting with the final report.

The committee was intended to be compromised of three to five members who:

  • Must reside within the RDOS (including member municipalities)

  • Do not currently serve as a representative at any level of government or related organization

  • Are able to commit to attending three to four meetings within the term of the committee

  • Have varied skills and backgrounds such as previous local government experience, financial expertise or pay compensation experience

  • Are able to adhere to the RDOS Code of Ethics policy

The committee launched in early September 2019 and reported its final recommendations to the Corporate Services Committee of the RDOS by December 1, 2019. The committee is considered dissolved after its final report to the Corporate Services Committee unless the Board of Directors resolves otherwise.

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